TLOU Confession #9

The whole thing about Joel preventing a vaccine is a load of bull. The development of a cure was a shot in the dark AT BEST. Even if they were able to do it, the Fireflies would not have had the resources necessary to mass produce and distribute the vaccine to the world! The chain of command was breaking down anyway, so even if they miraculously found the manpower and capital for such an endeavor, they would have crumbled as far as organization. Ellie living was the best outcome!

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TLOU Confession #14

If Joel had let Ellie die and if it /had/ created a vaccine it would still be pointless. The people of the world have gone to shit, doing whatever it takes to survive; murder, rape, cannibalism. Who’s to say just because you might not turn that things will turn to normal? That’s why I’m glad Ellie survived.

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TLOU Confessions #10 

Full Confession: I feel like Joel tried too hard to reject Ellie, because she made him feel like Sarah was still alive, and that shook him down to his bones. I was waiting through the whole game from him to yell at her and say “Sarah” instead of “Ellie”. That’s the only thing that I wanted that I didn’t get from the adventure.

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TLOU Confession #20 

Throughout the game you learn so much about the characters…you learn how they react to things they dont like, how they act around people they love or hate…but with me i didnt only just focus on that, i focused on their emotional conection with eachother. And that was so powerful to me…That made the game special.

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TLOU Confession #1

Full Confession: It disgusts me how so many gamers refuse to believe David was trying to rape Ellie. “But he was trying to kill her!” “He wasn’t tearing off her clothes!” “He was trying to seduce her and then he got mad when she broke his finger!” No, dudes. It’s pretty clear David was a serial rapist who was planning to rape Ellie (and was about to when she macheted him.) And that’s why she was traumatized, not because she was just nearly killed by a cannibal. She’s used to people trying to kill her.

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