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Can you imagine it: korrasami zombie apocalypse AU omg

Warning, there are The Last of Us: Left Behind spoilers, sort of.

“You know what the worst thing about this is?” Korra looked down at her arm as the blood trickled out of the punctures, tainting her dark skin.

Asami looked up at her, the bags under her eyes seemed darker, her skin paler. The bite on her palm was blistering, looking way worse than Korra’s bite did. At least Asami’s bleeding has slowed down by now, the blood having trouble leaking out through the cordyceps now surrounding the wound. Not that it mattered.

“What?” Asami replied weakly, her voice barely audible.

Korra looked at the dying girl’s hand intertwined with her own. The weakness in Asami’s grip broke her heart and made her want to scream and burn the whole world down to ashes. “I’ll get to watch everyone I’ve ever cared about die.”

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