Shadowhunter Week Challenge, Wednesday: Favourite Family

The Herondale family is an old Shadowhunter family. They have lived in a variety of places; notably in Wales, Yorkshire, London, Idris, and New York. The men of the family are known to be born with star-shaped marks on their shoulders, originating from when Will Herondale’s shoulder came into contact with the angel Ithuriel in the late 1870s.

“I would not set much store by it. My father trusts a great many people,” James Herondale said, and laughed: it was quite clear suddenly that he was extremely drunk. Not that Magnus imagined he was firing at chandeliers while stone cold sober. “Trust. It is like placing a blade in someone else’s hand and setting the very point against your own heart.
-The Midnight Heir

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YA book Challenge
↳ favourite female character [3/5]: lucie herondale (x)

Lucie plowed on, undeterred by the question of whether England’s foremost romantic poet did or did not stare out of windows. “He won’t say anything to anyone but Matthew, and Matthew is a tomb where James is concerned. I heard a bit of their conversation once by accident, though —“

“Accident?” Cordelia raised an eyebrow.

“I may have been hiding beneath a table,” said Lucie, with dignity. “But it was only because I had lost an earring and was looking for it.”


You have been in every line I have ever read, since I first came here, the rough common boy whose poor heart you wounded even then. You have been in every prospect I have ever seen since — on the river, on the sails of the ships, on the marshes, in the clouds, in the light, in the darkness, in the wind, in the woods, in the sea, in the streets. You have been the embodiment of every graceful fancy that my mind has ever become acquainted with. The stones of which the strongest London buildings are made, are not more real, or more impossible to be displaced by your hands, than your presence and influence have been to me, there and everywhere, and will be. Estella, to the last hoursof my life, you cannot choose but remain part of my character, part of the little good in me, part of the evil. — Great Expectations, Charles Dickens


Nephilim Week [TID] Day 6: Favourite Family

The Fairchild family has lived in an array of places over the generations. In the 1800s, they ran the London Institute; Granville was the  first known Fairchild to lead the Institute, and, later, his daughter, Charlotte took over the post, before she ultimately went on to become the first female Consul.

Shadowhunters’ Calendar: March - A Photoset of Will Herondale or Cecily Herondale a day

March 28th: The Herondale Family in 1903

“’Magnus!’ Tessa exclaimed, and her grave face lit with a welcoming smile that sent a pang of sweetness through Magnus. ‘But they said— Oh, no. Oh, where did you find Jamie?’ She reached the bottom of the steps, went over to Magnus, and cradled the boy’s damp head in her hand in an almost absent minded gesture of affection. In that gesture Magnus saw how she had changed, saw the ingrained habit of motherhood, love for someone she had created and whom she cherished.”

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 shadowhunter week challenge
      ↳(Tuesday) Favourite Scene → The Midnight Heir

“James seemed amused by the question. He smiled, and as he smiled, his waving black locks blended with the night, and the glow of his skin and his eyes grew as distant as the light of the stars until they became so pale, they diffused. He was nothing but a shadow among shadows again. He was an infuriating Cheshire cat of a boy, nothing left of him but the impression of his smile.

“My father was cursed,” James said from the darkness. “Whereas I? I’m damned.”