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After watching the talking dead the shipping question felt so awkward. They all appeared almost as if they were told not to engage beth and daryl. They brought up age again which was obsurd considering the ep w rosita and Abe last week. Do u think they r told what to promote even if it is contrary to their opinion? CMP said there was sexual tension btw caro and daryl and that beth and dary woul be weird. Was a little annoying. thought it was so strange. Changed his tune. All of them felt forced

I won’t lie. It felt sort of like watching and episode of The Twilight Zone rather than TTD. It felt really odd. From the endless note-taking to the scathing omissions and inaccuracies to the weird anti-Bethyl vibe that totally contradicted CMP’s opinion from last season and CH’s opinion from two weeks ago.

Granted, I do feel like CMP’s remarks felt a little… sarcastic. Plus, you know, if they feel that the 57% are Bethylers and not just general viewers who, maybe, don’t like the idea of a romance between the pair that we saw on our screens tonight, then that’s their issue. It’s not all Bethylers, honestly.

And… did you see Tyler’s face when she and CH were talking about the “Noah/Beth Camp?” He’s like… umm… hmmm… nope… And then CH directs the question to him and he’s just like, “You plan an escape with someone, you’re pretty close,” and then he just used the canned sort of “it’s a possibility” answer. We see it take a lot of forms. “Never say never,” “you never know,” “it could be something,” “I guess we’ll see.” We’ve gotten a lot meatier, more direct statements regarding Bethyl and that’s just a fact. This was just spinning wheels and trying not to say anything one way or the other in any regard, because if he said, “no,” then people will immediately think Bethyl, while if he said “yes,” people would just assume it’s true. So… he’s been trained well.

Plus, hah, CH’s reaction to the possibility was so questionable, like he really wasn’t sure he could get behind Noah and Beth. Just go back and watch his face and listen to the uncertain sound he makes.

I just… I literally had to clench my teeth through the entire episode, and I had to watch it in segments, because my blood pressure couldn’t handle a full sit-through with that particular couch of guests and the conversations occurring on it. So, yeah… *queue Twilight Zone music*

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little confused. looking around to read someething pos fun bethyl and all i see r beth is dead and emily left on bad terms. did i miss somethin impt or is this resulting from that same spoiler/foiler that came out 2weeks ago after slabtown? thankful for bethyl lovenotes and their activities this week. why is this particular beth is dead theory so diff from the other100 since last march and why is it taking us so long to get past it do u think? emily leavin on bad terms is new & related how?

It’s a mini rumor that surfaced yesterday because EK posted a photo of herself in LA while everyone else was in GA at one of the wrap parties. When, I believe, they actually have two wrap parties for the show. The one a week before, as people will become dropping off the ranks as they become unneeded, like certain crew and such… and then the one after is usually the cast and TPTB and such.

Really, it’s just people trying to mountains out of mole hills. It’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t worry about it and I wouldn’t even bother with the spoilers on most site, because they aren’t usually spoilers… they’re just guesses, speculation, assumptions. They should call them what they really are and the fact that they don’t is on them.

I think the reason people are taking so long to get past it is because no one on the show is up on their soapbox trying to debunk anything. Honestly, I take that as a sign that there’s probably little to no credence in the spoilers as to who actually dies or when, because people like Gimple and Kirkman and Nicotero and Hurd and all of the actors… they’d all be trying to maintain the integrity of the show. What’s so shocking about a death that everyone already knows about four weeks in advance? Nothing. Nothing at all.

All of the panic and doubt perplexes me endlessly, but… at least we have Bethyllovenotes, because that’s a harbor of all things positive in Bethyl and we don’t permit spoiler talk on there. It’s a safe haven for our ship and I think our Mini-Bethyl week on there couldn’t come a moment too soon. ♥

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i have to bother u almost every day. so sorry u had to go through the extremes of avoiding all anons due to all the negativity. almost seems kinda unbelievable that people would stoop so low doesnt it? i love ur responses so i had no problem converting. it would be to much withdrawl not to get ur thoughts. do u actually know the stats on msfs or finales that were compromised on twd? if so do u know how? i just assume that when something that big is leaked it wouldnt be one site that picks it up

That’s okay, I don’t mind at all. :) ♥

The only character death that was ever 100% spoiled/leaked was Shane’s death in Season 2 Finale. Hershel’s was supposedly “leaked,” but I don’t think it was intended that way and, looking at the “evidence,” it’s hard to see how people took it as proof.

Shane’s death was an accidental leak by the outside vendor who was doing the marketing for the DVD & Blu-Ray release. They were promoting the pre-ordering of the special edition boxset for Season 2 and mentioned that it included a bonus feature on “shane’s last episode.”

Hershel’s death wasn’t so much a confirmed spoiler as people just assumed based off of the fact Norman posted a photo of SW lounging in a chair, wearing a blood-stained shirt (which, honestly, from looking at it… I’ve seen other characters with clothes that looked even more bloodied and none of them died) and smoking a cigar. So, the Hershel death was really just based off of pure speculation and assumption and some people just happened to luck out. Norman never would have posted that photo had he thought it was spoilery or that people would take it that way. To him, it was just a shot of his friend, smiling like a champ and enjoying a smoke.

The only really accurate spoilers ever to come out about the events of MSFs and SFs usually came the night before, from people posting summaries from advanced screenings (in the past two seasons, these aren’t as common before an MSF or SF). Nothing has ever come out several weeks in advance that were truly on-point. Mostly, people just speculated and took wild guesses, and for a lot of these spoiler sites, they’re just throwing ideas at the wall and waiting for one to stick — then they pride themselves on getting some speck of information right, despite the fact they got 99% of it wrong.

Shane is the only real solid death that I know was well and truly leaked, and it was entirely by accident. If people want to consider Norman’s photos of Scott as a leaked spoiler of Hershel’s death, they can, but I don’t believe they were all that telling and I can guarantee you that they weren’t intended to convey that notion. ♥