So, I sit here. Realizing that I cannot be accountable for anyone but myself. I can’t. Not until I make a very conscious choice to merge my life with someone who also has realized that it takes a whole lot of self growth before you can grow as a pair.
—  Katharine Keegan

I’ve been working on this space, called The Publishing House. It’s in a small town, the town I live in, and it’s still growing. But, the majority of the manual labor on this particular room is nearly done. So, Sunday night, I threw a private event to welcome my friends, family, and two bands into the space to celebrate. 

I’ll be posting progress photos soon, and a more detailed post about what The Publishing House is to me, my family, and what it will be looking forward for the community. 

For more photos check me out on Instagram: @tkowkat and the hashtag #thepublishinghouse 


If you follow my instagram, you may have seen a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining the unitedbyblue gang and craftsman Brian Christopher one weekend for camping, hiking and overall outdoor appreciation.

United by Blue is a Philadelphia based outdoor lifestyle brand focused on ocean and waterway conservation. For every product that they sell UBB removes 1 pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways. Their products are USA made and they are doing something that goes above and beyond creating quality products. 

Today, they launch their Spring 2014  lookbook, which is a product of our hangout! So, in honor of that we have together are offering a chance for you to get a discount on UBB products! 

Together we’re offering 20% off all UBB Merchandise from Today the 13th until the 20th of May, all you have to do is enter in TKOW in as the discount code when you checkout.

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