There’s Something Interesting Going On In TNA

A year ago at Destination X, Austin Aries and Hulk Hogan reached an agreement where every year, the X-Division champion would be allowed to cash in the X-Division title for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Austin Aries, a newly turned fan favorite, cashed in to beat Bobby Roode to become the new World Champion. It was a fergalicious occasion.

Fast forward a year, and Suicide is the new X-Division Champion, having beat Chris Sabin in a 3 way for the title. Only, the real Suicide was found knocked out backstage. Suicide unmasked himself to reveal Austin Aries, eager to prove he can be a fan favorite again by beating Bully Ray (a feat he’s done before) and winning the World Championship at Destination X, a feat he accomplished last year, to dethrone the leader of Aces & 8’s.

There was one road bump in his plan.

Last week on Impact, Austin Aries had to defend his X Division Championship against former champion Chris Sabin and Manik, the newly renamed TJ Perkins, who was the former Suicide knocked out by Austin Aries. The champion lost, however, as the former member of the Motor City Machine Guns gave Austin Aries a Cradle Shock from the top rope to win the X Division Champion.

After his victory, Chris Sabin announced his plans to cash in the X Division title and face Bully Ray for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X, then proceeded to list his accolades as it pertains to the champion. Such as the time he pinned Bully Ray in Team 3D’s retirement match and the fact that he’s the only man in the business TNA to kick out of the 3D. Two very important facts that could spell victory for the Michigander. It’s a long, winding road for the X Division star, but can he finally win the world title?