Sherlock doesn’t ever admit to it but he loves making himself looks nice and he knows what John likes, and he always keeps himself well shaven and clean and hair nice and he tries to do these things when no one else is around so he can keep up the image of just always being prepared but John will watch him sometimes when he doesn’t know he’s there. ♡

He’ll stand back and watch Sherlock shave his face or brush his teeth or do his hair or wash his face because he loves seeing Sherlock do these little things that are so human that he tries to hide from everyone but that he knows he does ♪(´▽` )

Taddl erlegte einen mutierten, tollwütigen Affen, welcher nach jahrelanger Gefangenschaft im Kölner Zoo den Bewohnern Kölns Angst und Furcht bereitetet hatte. Er hackte dem Affen seinen Kopf ab und trug ihn fortan als Zeichen seines Triumphes. Oder so ähnlich, haha.

Aber nein Leute es ist nur das Chaos-Let’s-Draw.

Okay so when Mary says this,


it always really irks me. 

Obviously at any wedding it is a powerful moment when the couple refers to each other using “husband” or “wife” for the first time. However the power shown here is not one of love, but rather dominance. We already know that the relationship of John and Mary is an echo of a romance, a shadow that never has and never will be the actual object from which it is casted from.

So why did Mary refer to John as her “husband” if not for the romantic effect? Well that’s because Sherlock was there. 

Earlier that day when Sholto arrived, Sherlock had a small conversation with Mary. Sherlock unintentionally made it pretty obvious that he was feeling jealous about the fact that John appeared to have a close relationship with another man, especially one that Sherlock didn’t know. Mary quickly picked up on this. 


Despite the fact that their relationship is built on lies, Mary and John did just get married, so there still is a romantic relationship there. Whether or not it is a good one doesn’t stop it from existing, so Mary is still considered John’s romantic lover. In this gif Mary said that Sholto came first out of a group consisted of herself, Sherlock, and Sholto. Well if Mary is defined under the category of romantic lover, then by saying this that means she is identifying all three of them as being in the group of John’s romantic lovers. So Mary knows. 

This brings us back to the first gif when Mary called John “husband” whilst Sherlock was standing right there with them. Mary is well aware that not only did Sherlock have feelings for John in the past, but that he still does to that very day because just earlier he was getting very jealous over John simply talking to Sholto.

But John belongs to Mary now, and Mary has every intention of making that painfully clear to Sherlock. Of killing any leftover spark left behind from the unspoken romance of John and Sherlock. Besides, Mary is an assassin after all. She kills people for a living. 

But what is the best way to kill John and Sherlock’s relationship without physically killing one of them at least in that moment.? By declaring that John is officially hers and that there’s nothing Sherlock can do about it. So Mary tells Husband that they should go and dance now. Which of course would leave Sherlock standing there alone, this time with much more than just jealously taking over him. This time Sherlock is left dead inside. 

In the commentary for ASiB, Benedict says the following about the scene with the naked Irene Adler:

"I do love that the moment, the only moment that he verbally stumbles- and I sort of did it deliberately, was because I sensed a bit of competition in Watson starting to turn on the charm, and in desperately trying to get in there to impress I went ‘neagnaweknga’”

Which confirms what many of us suspected: Sherlock is frazzled not because brainy is the new sexy, but because Irene and John are flirting. I’ll leave you to your deductions.