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vitullinen hype ja nyt saatte pettyä ku tää onki näin paska juttu.


eli: kissesukkahousut KOKOA KIINA ONE SIZE eli ihan vitun pienet

ostin kahdet, toisia kokeilin, mulla on liian pitkät jalat. haarakiila jää puolireiteen. olen kokoa S/M eli nää on varmaan kokoa XS/S


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4. 7.9.2014 MENNESSÄ

valitsen parhaan kuvan/parhaat kuvat joista sitten arvon voittajan. otan sinuun yhteyttä->saan osoitteesi->lähetän sinulle pökät (suomi only sorry)

en tiiä minkä kokoselle ihmiselle nää sopii, ei mulle ainakaan. voihan nää vetää vaikka päähän. kaikki seuraajani saavat osallistua. jos joku haluaa voittaa nää vaikka pikkusiskolleen/töttö öttölleen idc.


tarkentavia kysymyksiä saa kysyä.

Anii trec, ei lasă praf în urmă şi mult dor. Îl mai ştii pe acel băiat  pe care nu l-ai văzut de câţiva ani, dar de care îţi aduci aminte la fiecare ploaie?! Acum nu mai sunteţi iubiţi, nu sunteţi nici duşmani, ci doar doi străini purtând amintirile celor ce aţi fost cândva. Doar tu ai rămas aceeaşi. Farmecul tău constă în puterea de a te opri înainte de a fi prea târziu. Pentru tine. 

People need to understand that when Europe went into Africa 
They did not find a bunch of people living in Forests, jungles or bushes.. They found a highly advance culture.. Guess who civilized who?
Guess where the capital of learning was at that time? Guess how the greatest
philosophers looked like at that time? Heck, till this day (research Dr. Gabriel A Oyibo, Philip Emeagwali, ETC, ETC). EUROPEAN SCIENCE IS WACK MAN.
Most people don’t know that MOST of the modern people living in bushes now
are descendants of people that were part of ancient African Kingdoms, and 
EMPIRES.. They are now living in bushes because they were escaping colonization.
Now, these people did not just run and hide, but they formed Gorilla Militia groups
and whooped the hell out of those who were persecuting them. This is one of the 
reason why they were left alone, and from there they simply decided that the bush lifestyle was what they now wanted to live. We were so wealthy that we would simply be kicking around GOLD cause there was just too much of it, and it simply did not have that much value to us..

neffera tiy maat


Spiffy’s First Full Feature! 

Perry Kveton’s 1974 BMW 2002tii:

You may have seen a couple photos of our friend Perry’s 2002 on Spiffy before, but this winter it went under the knife.

Perry shot some awesome photos of his vintage rally mobile in the Tahoe, CA. area. Speaking form a regular passengers perspective I can tell you it is impossible to have a bad time in a car like this!

Biracial Danish actress, Jaqueline Fleming stars as Harriet Tubman in the new movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. No offense to Ms. Fleming but she in no way resembles Mother Tubman. There are millions of Black actresses out there. Why choose this one? I believe Hollywood seems much more comfortable with women who like her than Black women who look like Mother Tubman. 

The most powerful thing we must do is control our image. And since money is power the first step is to stop supporting entities that want to rewrite our history. The second step is call them out when they do it. And finally the most important step is to create, cultivate and support our own Hollywood. I for one will no longer support our annihilation. Next thing you know the Madame CJ Walker story will be about a White woman from Delta, Louisiana! 

Why Did a Biracial Actress Portray Harriet Tubman in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”? 

  1.  Mother Tubman was a dark skin Black woman. Not a light skin biracial woman and should be cast as such. Why anyone would have a problem with that is beyond me. Who will play MLK like others said, Wentworth Miller?
  2.  Those who claim to be sisters have not once said yes colorism /light skin worship is real and they want to end it. This was a form of it. To discount the experiences of those who have experienced harsher treatment because they are darker is the same that thing as the White folk who deny racism does not exist. All of the tactics used by those who defend this travesty against mother Tubman are the same ones used against Black people. You are no different.
  3.  Its not about light skin Black folks. Its about reclaiming Mother Tubman’s image. Look at her. I see nothing in Ms Fleming that resembles Mother Tubman.