I’ve seen a lot of people talking (quite rightly) about the Alberto Del Rio and Roman Reigns videos for the Fatherhood Council, but not much about Titus O’Neil’s. So here it is.

They missed a trick by not having the kids clean him out, and then do the Millions of Dollars dance.

Watch on joannhutch1976.tumblr.com

Someone get me some tissues. 

This is so wonderful. Seeing Alberto, titus and roman with there kids is just heartwarming. 

Yeah these guys are big tough ass kickers but when they have there kids with them its all warm and fuzzy i love it. 

If you don’t get a little misty eyed when watching this check to see if you have a pulse. 

titusoneilwwe’s photo on Instagram

"Last night one of my favorite people in @wwe From our community outreach department Sue Atchinson and I decided that we weren’t going to let good leftovers go to waste so we decided to walk the streets around our hotel to find a Homeless person to give the food to. We met this 71 year old man pictured named John from Detroit. I could have just gave him the food and left with sue to Head back to the hotel as she met another woman that had just finished her shift at work and saw us giving John money and food. Something told me to go back and i’m so glad that I did. What was supposed to be a quick encounter turned into a few hours of learning&laughter with a complete stranger. The conversation started outside in his confines of a brick wall with his bags, to ending up in my hotel lobby amongst people that had No Clue that John was a 71 year old father of 5 children (4) from his first wife that died of Breast Cancer 17 years ago, former assembly line worker and Now Homeless on the streets of LA. This same lobby is the same hotel that would not allow him to use the restroom earlier in the day, this same lobby that even some of my co workers who were drinking and having a good time came up and jokingly said Titus I did not know you were bringing your granddad to summer slam in which I replied “actually he’s a homeless man that I just met this evening” and they laughed and I said IM SERIOUS…They sobered up quick and quickly apologized once they confirmed with others that it was true. I learned a lot from John&about John last night, I learned that even a person that is homeless can remain hungry for more than just food, John goes to the library daily and reads about things from news to researching ways to get out of his predicament. Not just for him but for others around him. He is a very positive and faith based man&considering I know people that more than he does in a material sense,he trumps those people in leaps&bounds with what he possesses over them in Faith,Love&character. Despite his living situation he remains strong in his faith&Continues to have hope. In short, Don’t look down on anyone&never judge a book by its cover because you could be the cover 1day.”

Titus O’Neil is one of the nicest, humblest superstars I’ve ever seen.  It doesn’t surprise me at all that he did this, but given the state of the world this past week, it’s exactly the kind of thing that needs to be shared.