Nail Swagger

Naomi Yasuda from Brooklyn, NY and Tram from Wheaton, MD are treating fingernails like the world’s smallest canvas.  These ladies aren’t just painting your fingernails neon pink and slapping on a gemstone or two.  They’re creating exclusive works of art that are truly unique to your own steez.  Ladies, get your nails did with Naomi or Tram and wear a work of art on your fingertips.  Head over to Tittsworth.com to learn more about them!


Production Inspiration

Today it seems like everybody has the ability to be a producer, especially with the advent of so many tools to make music production a little easier, such as Reason, Logic, and Ableton Live.  Producers, what are you doing to make your music stand out amongst the rest?  Look around you - it’s time to get creative.  Check out Tittsworth.com to watch Wilkinson’s tutorials on creative production.  The dude makes bass lines out of a blender and a vacuum cleaner!