Gràcies Tito.

When Barcelona became the best team, when Barcelona won everything… There was a man, he always was sit on the bench, shy, serious, thinking about the match, helping Guardiola. He was a special and important piece to make the best Barça, his dreams came true. After, when Pep left the team, he became our hero, we believed in him and he didn’t failed us, he achieve amazing things. But the cancer attacked, I’ll never understand why the bad things happens to nice people, I’ll never understand why him, I’ll never understand how injustice is the life. Now, he has passed away, but we’ll always remember his shy smile, his deep look, his encouraging words, the way he never give up and fight till the end. Tito, thank you for all the good memories, the great lessons, the support to the team and the records. We’ll never forget you, fighters like you can’t be forgotten, you’ll live in the mind and the hearth of each fan.

Wherever you are, thank you Mister.

RIP Tito Vilanova [1968-2014]


"Quiero mostrar mis condolencias a su padre, Joaquim, la madre, Maria Rosa, su mujer, Montse, la hija Carlota, el hijo Adrià. Mis condolencias de parte de mis padres, de mi familia, de mis hermanos. Eramos muy jóvenes. Nos queríamos comer el mundo y nos lo comimos. Solo puedo decir que la tristeza que siento me acompañará toda la vida, para siempre. Hemos pasado por muchas cosas juntos, perdimos juntos, ganamos juntos. Es una situación difícil ",

Pep Guardiola.