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I can unfollow you if you wish, but that seems counter productive, as well. How can changes be made if the populous doesn’t educate themselves in the struggles of subjugated groups?

your education really isn’t my concern. you are welcome to continue following me so long as you keep in mind that I do not owe you anything. if you ever question something I’ve posted, check your privilege before writing to me. the straight cis white male world is an ugly one that I’d rather not have to translate my or anybody else’s thoughts/feelings/experiences for.

that being said, also please call me out on anything I mess up on. I have a shit ton of privileges myself, & you very well may be the person to recognize me being blinded by them. (as long as you’re not under the misguided mentality that “female privilege” is a thing)

6. Favorite word.
Uhhhhh. Well. I’m going to list my top five because anyone can tell you that I have a love affair with words and I cannot even fathom choosing one. (fathom is a great word. but that doesn’t count)
- Ephemeral
- Fuck
-Saudade (not english but I still love it)

22. Favorite book.
Why the most difficult ones?
Okay, I’ll do the same thing again.
-Wuthering Heights
-One Hundred Years of Solitude
-Slaughterhouse 5
-Exit Here

Those aren’t even top fives, just the ones that came to mind first.