I’m going to say this first before all the fagotty “IchiHime” admirals swarm the base. Ichigo will not end up with Inoue. This couple has just about near zero basis to get together, considering the manga thus far. 

If by some sheer nonsense they do end up together, then Kubo Tite is the biggest faggot of them all. Because not only would the guy be betraying his own story, he would be betraying his integrity as a writer. He would be Kishimoto v.2, only he would be worse than Kishimoto because at least Hinata proved herself to be useful to Naruto. Plus, Hinata at least had the balls to slap some sense into Naruto when he needed it. Inoue Orihime?? Lawls she never does shit. She’s so shit that just looking at her face makes me hurl. Now as Ichigo is not reacting to her sexual advances, be prepared for her next plan of seduction: sit on Ichigo’s face. I said it first.

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white, Latina, or black girls? Or does it not matter?

don’t care all girls are tite

Sassquiorra sasses Tite Kubo

As requested by duende71. :)

“Sassquiorra” is the nickname for Sassy Ulquiorra, who is the dead version of Ulquiorra. Who for some reason is sassy. Anyway, for this list I want you to imagine that a tiny sassy Ulquiorra is sitting in Tite Kubo’s shoulder while Tite Kubo works on Bleach, and is making comments the whole time. Here are some of the things Sassquiorra would say!

1. “I really like the background in this panel. Empty. Very creative.”

2. “When you made me the espada of emptiness, it was because of the kinship you felt with me, right?”

3. “Having me be so popular must have convinced you that empty backgrounds are indeed the way to go.”

4. “Yet you killed me. That shows some ambivalence toward your own style, I think.”

5. “But do not worry. The fans spend very little time complaining about your lack of backgrounds.”

6. “They are too busy whining about everything else.”

7. “By the way, I love the new hairstyles you gave everyone.”

8. “I think that it is very realistic that a group of people who did not change their hair for hundreds of years would all decide to do so in the same seventeen months.”

9. “It really demonstrates how Kurosaki Ichigo inspires change.”

10. “I am glad you brought Grimmjow back.”

11. “It really demonstrates your lack of predictability.”

12. “I mean, of the two of us - Grimmjow and I - Grimmjow was abandoned half dead in the desert whereas I was wounded in the presence of an amazing healer who can heal anything.”

13. “So naturally I died and Grimmjow lived. Because you do not go the obvious route.”

14. “Just like the way you made Squad 0 and the Soul King so easy to destroy.”

15. “Some people might have expected the elite members of Soul Society and the king of the universe to be difficult to fight. But you said, ‘Ha ha nah’ and had them all lose pretty immediately.”

16. “Sort of like the way Aizen worked SO HARD to get to the Royal Realm and then Grimmjow just opened a garganta there and strolled in.”

17. “Some people might call that not making sense. But I call it ‘avoiding the obvious plot.’”

18. “Another interesting choice - modeling the Quincy after the espada.”

19. “We have Bazz-B, AKA ‘Grimmjow with a mohawk,’ and PePe, AKA ‘at least Tite Kubo didn’t think Zommari was boring.’”

20. “Still waiting for my Quincy, to be honest.”

21. “Is it Haschwalth? It is probably Haschwalth.”

22. “If you left me out of the Quincy AND killed me off…well, that is going to be a little hard not to take personally.”

23. “I mean….you brought Luppi back.”

24. “Unless you intended Cang Du to be my Quincy. That Quincy you killed off.”

25. “Because that I would definitely take personally.”