real endings to real anime
  • attack on titan:the basement is christian grey’s bdsm room
  • tokyo ghoul:hide was just pretending to be dead and he and kaneki have an epic breakdance battle with arima and win the end
  • fullmetal alchemist brotherhood:the philospher’s stone was in ed’s pocket the whole time and then he defeats professor quirrel with the power of love
  • free!:haru gets his voice back and then makoto drives a boat into the heart of the sea witch. haru's merman father turns him into a human forever so he can go be happy with his true love makoto.
  • ouran higschool host club:haruhi defeats the huns. everyone bows down to her. tamaki shows up at her house later and tells her "she fights good" which is code for i love you. china is saved.
  • blue exorcist:rin, overshadowed by satan, is plunged into the pit of hell to forever struggle with the archangel michael. the apocolypse is stopped. yukio tries to carry out a normal apple pie life.
  • noragami:hiyori finally starts to remember thanks to yato and they find yukine but then hiyori and yukine get trapped in a fishing net so they all save the day by telling the other fish to break out of the net by swimming down and then they all go live happily ever after.
  • haikyuu:hinata and kageyama play in the big final volleyball game then race off to perform a winning rendition of “breaking free”, effectively winning the game, the leads in the musical, and everyone’s hearts.
  • no. 6:shion shoots president coin and ends the hunger games forever and he and nezumi live together traumatically ever after
  • sword art online:kirito sacrifices himself to end the war with the machines. humans can finally leave the matrix. the war between humans and machines is over... for now.

Attack on Titan 3DS coming this May ⊟

Wow! It’s the enhanced edition released late last year in Japan too, with online co-op, new modes, New 3DS XL C-stick support, and more. This will be an eShop-only release for both North America and Europe, which, might I remind you, is 1 million times better than a Japan-only release.

Trailer and more details after the break!

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the second Eremika Fluff Week-
Day 5: First Date

"…I’m very strong with muscle…this dress doesn’t fit me…"

"what? it fit you!"

"…eren….you can tell me the truth,I don’t mind "

"I TELL THE TRUTH!why don’t you believe me!  you’re pretty no matter what you wear!!"

"wait…eren what do you say…?! "

"I SAY YOU’RE VERY PRETTY! MIKASA!don’t let me say it again!!! =////="

the boy blushed ,catching black hair girl’s hand tightly  .
maybe he hoped to begin their first Date.

ok… this is a doodle…ˊˋ not fine
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