"It was almost like, I suppose, a 7 month relationship. We knew each other so well, sometimes we were spending 17 hours a day completely together. And we’ve shared so much, I mean on a personal level. He’s got lots of my secrets and I’ve got heaps of his, and I’d never tell a soul."Kate Winslet on her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Titanic


Titanic (film) trivia: Several members of the cast had no idea how the final scene was going to be used or if it was going to be included at all until they actually saw the film. Victor Garber says "When we shot the last scene, we all thought "Oh, this will be cut." I was shocked to see it actually in the film because it was such a kind of a theatrical moment. And of course, it worked perfectly." Kate Winslet also recalls "Leo and I were like, "How are they going to use this? What, she went back to the dead? or she died too and they met again on the vessel once she died?" We could never quite figure out what it was going to mean."