not really scary but a bit creepy and weird

h-y-p-a-e-t-h-r-a-l submitted:

i know someone and once, when she was around 11, she got really ill more than she had been ill in her life before, she’d caught some bug or flu or something but it was quite serious. she went to sleep and had a dream about a ball of newspaper and a lake of orange paint. after that she woke up, but she was hallucinating  - her eyes were open and she was walking around but she could not see her surroundings as what they actually were. she sat herself down and saw that she was in a lifeboat and she was dragging people out of the sea, whilst watching dead bodies float by, people all around her were screaming and crying. in reality, her parents said she was sat down grabbing the air thinking there were people there, but she was extremely distressed and scared, crying her eyes out and screaming. eventually she got better and it stopped. she didn’t get that ill again until she was about 14, she went to sleep and had the same weird dream about the orange paint again for the first time since. and then she started hallucinating again. her room was shaking and tilting and rocks from a massive iceberg crashed through her window, she was seeing these things so vividly, her parents found her screaming again. she had never seen titanic, but i suggested these were maybe some form of repressed memories. we looked on the internet for titanic survivors and discovered that one, a girl who escaped off the boat and had helped drag people out of the sea into lifeboats, was 13/14, the same age my friendwas when she had these hallucinations, had died almost exactly 9 months before she was born…

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey:  That is very interesting! 5/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!