Okay, so I need to talk about this game.  

If you have any sort of interest in Titanic (and also of course video games) then I can’t recommend this enough. Released in 1996, it was the no. 1 bestseller of the year in both the UK and the USA. Here’s what the blog above has to say about the game:

Intrigue and adventure await you onboard the Titanic, the most famous ocean liner in history. As a failed British agent in 1942 where the world is in turmoil you are haunted by you’re failure to complete a mission from your past. All is not lost however, you are hurtled back in time by a German bomb and are given the chance to re-write history and change the future.

(By the way, no, you can’t stop the ship from sinking. Your job is to change what happens afterwards.)

Pretty straightforward, but a stunning game for its time. The reconstruction of the ship is incredibly accurate, not to mention beautifully rendered. The musical score is haunting and always sets the mood perfectly. Prepare to get a bit a emotional, laugh at some sassy-ass characters, run around the place kind of terrified (this game terrified me as a kid because of the urgency towards the end and the music that came with it. I still haven’t quite shaken the feeling of horror when I’  m listening to the soundtrack and the sinking music starts playing)… 

The game can be completed in less than a day, so its great for casual gamers with a passing Titanic interest, and the fictional ‘secret agent’ plot adds intrigue and urgency to your character’s exploration of the ship.

Also, there are bad fake Irish accents, and you know how much I love a bad fake Irish accent.