Just don’t even think about Phan watching Titanic together. And then Phil singing My Heart Will Go On, while Dan laughs but sings the “do do do do”’s. And then Dan crying when Jack dies even though he said he wasn’t going to.

Farther out, on the Grand Banks, new icebergs had been reported. Farther out still, somewhere beyond the bulge of the horizon, lay the most famous shipwreck in the world. My mind race with thoughts of signals bouncing in the ionosphere–the propagation of radio waves, the cry of ages submerged in time. And I imagined I could hear the voice of the Titanic herself: a vessel with too much pride in her name, sprinting smartly toward a new world, only to be mortally nicked by something as old and slow as ice.
—  “Unseen Titanic” (National Geographic, 4/12), Hampton Sides