Titan got a bath today, he’s so whiteeeeee. Hopefully he stays that way for a night so he looks good for our lesson tommorow ☺️

Here is my third creepyfied request! This time it was to do a Titan from SNK in creepy style….creepier style XD
This was requested by curvyrainbowboi

This was a funny one how it all came together. First I drew a pretty normal titan and then was like “NOT CREEPY” then I added a longer neck, widen the eyes, skinned the lips…. STILL NOT CREEPY ENOUGH. Added bruises and really exaggerated skin stretching…. NOT GOOD ENOUGH YET!

I got so frustrated I drew a smiley face as a joke on its big smooth pot belly and then was like “THAT’S IT” thus, we get the belly face. I just imagine it was a human who was pregnant when titanfied or something and the baby got titaned and presses up against the skin but not strong enough to get out c:

anyways enjoy!

STILL TAKING CREEPY REQUESTS! SUBMIT IF YOU WANT TO SEE ONE DONE!  Any fandom is welcome and at my disgression which ones I do, but I am fairly open to suggestions! I just don’t take annon requests u_u


Saturn’s Moon Titan

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. It has an atmosphere composed primary of Nitrogen with traces of other hyrdrocarbons. The pressure at the surface is 60% greater than the pressure you are feeling right now. Perhaps what’s most unique about Titan are its lakes. These lakes aren’t made of water, rather they are lakes of liquid methane and ethane (see the illustrations above). These are the first liquid lakes seen anywhere in the Solar System besides Earth’s. The largest of these lakes is larger than the Great Lakes on Earth.


“I try to wake up a little bit earlier than [Titan] because I like watching his face in the morning, because he wakes up smiling and it just does something for my spirit. […] I’m proud of my family, it’s nothing that I have to hide. You know, my husband and my child and what we share together in our home is beautiful.”  Kelly Rowland