Audi Secret Lab || CES Las Vegas 2014 by coldpat
Brief from the client Create an attention-getting tradeshow booth for AUDI AG’s brand appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas. The aim was to display the most advanced technologies of this premium automobile manufacturer in an extraordinary spatial manifestation that inspire enthusiasm with their form- and design-language and their superb staging of the brand as an experience. Challenges/key objectives The concept is designed to counter media overload at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. That’s why, at first, it seems to be trying to escape the prying eyes of the visitors: the booth concept literally hides the technological innovations like a top secret laboratory by using a special stealth structure. Final design Following the motto of “Audi Secret Lab”, a rectangular building is covered with a dramatic 500-square-metre invisibility cloak. The stealth coating consists of a façade material that has never been used in this form before: a total of 13.096 triangular tiles with lenticular screens. Thanks to the optical flip effect of the lenticular material – which is often seen on 3D postcards – the individual triangles change color depending on the viewing angle. Thus they give the building a shimmering, metallic, reflective and constantly changing surface that deliberately causes the de-materialization of the stand amidst the colorful diversity of the hectic show. Outcome in the market Over 150.000 professionals visited the CES in 2014. The Audi booth quickly became one of the most „buzzed“ appearances of the show. Moreover, the response in the social media channels was very good – thanks to a an integrated microsite concept, that that fittingly extends the design concept of the booth into the digital channels. A social feed with tweets and Instagram photos using the hashtag #AudiCES, showed the buzz and content generated by people on site and online. The result was a fully integrated communication and brand experience.