”I vecchi amori.”

“A volte, i vecchi amori, ritornano. Succede che uno prova ad andare avanti, ci proverà. Proverà altri amori, altre emozioni, altre esperienze. Proverà a perdersi in altri occhi, in altre braccia. Proverà a viaggiare, a scovare altri posti. Magari proverà anche quelle storie del “senza impegno”. E magari, per un po’ di tempo, starà anche bene così. Molte volte, chi ha amato forte, ritorna. Magari capiterà di rincontrarsi per le strade. Magari nei giorni d’inverno, leggendo un libro, in quelle righe ritroverà voi due. Allora durante la notte ci penserà e il mattino seguente farà qualcosa per venirvi incontro. A volte, i vecchi amori, sconvolgono più della prima volta. Più intensi. Più forti ancora. Si ancorano addosso certi amori, non c’è scampo. E allora a che serve provare a scappare se quello che si vuole è essere presi per un braccio e non lasciarsi più?”

-Maria Auriemma.

Voce di: Ellie Loudend



Pssst guys. Guys look what I’m doing.

I’m making a Cards against Humanity deck based off of Danny Phantom and the phandom because it’s a distraction from other stuff going on and distractions are good. That, and I don’t feel like writing.

Anyone have suggestions for cards I should add? They can be related to canon, fanfics, or anything else the phandom has come up with (there’s a Wes Weston card somewhere in the responses…)

Or they can be the call cards, since I only have three of those so far. ^^’

Also yes you can add references to your own fics in your suggestions for cards if you want to

Family Ties Part 3

Hello everyone here’s part 3, I’m so unbelievably unhappy with this part, I hope you all don’t think it’s terrible. :/ xxxx



                                Family Ties Part 3



“Are you going out with Wesley tonight?” Rae had been with Wesley for 5 weeks and according to Rae, everything was going great.

“Yep, he’s taking me out for dinner” Tasha sat and bit her lip.

“Just ask her” Finn whispered,  he was sitting next to Tasha on her bed. Rae was sorting through her wardrobe for an outfit.

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Graduation Cap Flask

Foreshadow your years of alcohol abuse brought on by the sudden realization that your liberal arts degree is completely worthless with this nifty graduation cap flask. Just fill it up with your favorite liquor and go out there and change the world!


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