= How long has it been? Years, years that ticked on like water droplets, slowly but surely pricking his skin. The time had grown maddening, not being with his partner— his love that he vowed his life to.

Til’ death do us part? Technically, yes. But with his weapon in hand he felt obliged to hold onto her memory, even if this tireless mission of cleansing and purifying the corrupt had left him weary. There were visible bags under his eyes, his once smooth caramel skin had grown saturated and pale, but he wouldn’t falter— there was much to be slain.

With his guns wielded he would leave his home shrouded in darkness to the outskirts of Demacia. There was rumor of spectral ghouls haunting the graveyard once again; petty work he’d imagine.

> The shadows that were to be feared slippered around the corners, about the columns of light, over the corners of the walls and down the alleyways. The pure moon arose, as the veil of the dark came and covered the world. The Night Hunter had made her appearance, heels of steel rhythmically slapping the concrete ground making  the world tremble and sneak behind their doors. Some whispered things while others hid immediately. The Purger was not to be trusted.

And she settled off, her sharp vision in front of her, the talons of her gauntlets shimmering, she was a bird of prey. The world distorted, or so she could see it through her eyes. No other could possibly see this alternate evil world, feel the wicked patterns of the walls’ surfaces, smell the arts of blackness lingering thickly in the air…

She showed her teeth just barely, there was someone upon the streets quite peculiarly, almost similar to her. The graveyard was right in front of her, there were no houses nearby, just a long cobblestoned road going two ways, and leading to the cemetery in the middle. It was obvious now who was walking down that way, the meeting inevitable. At first the noble was silent, but had taken just a single step and asked this; ”Why do you haunt?…”


Perhaps one of Green Mount’s most famous graves is that of Elijah J. Bond- patentee of “The Ouija Board.” Bond’s grave was lost for many decades until the tireless research of Robert Murch, a fan of all things Ouija, tracked down the unmarked grave in 2007.

Murch convinced the administrators of Green Mount cemetery to allow him to have a monument placed for Elijah J. Bond. The wonderful stone, featuring the now iconic Ouija design was created by The Tegeler Monument Company.

Green Mount Cemetery
Baltimore, Maryland


Samwise + character traits

“He was tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong, able swiftly to draw a great war-bow and shoot down a Nazgûl, endowed with the tremendous vitality of Elvish bodies, so hard and resistant to hurt that he went only in light shoes over rock or through snow, the most tireless of all the Fellowship.”


30 day colouring challenge

'A tireless work ethic and extraordinary ability have propelled Hope through the ranks of the Academy. He is articulate, considerate, and admired by his peers’

Day 9: Create a colouring of someone you admire.  

DA2 Companion Astrology

Hawke: Leo; confident, melodramatic, ambitious, headstrong, vain, inspiring, dominating.

Anders: Virgo; perfectionist, overcritical, judgmental, observant, reliable, harsh, tireless.

Fenris: Taurus; dependable, stubborn, inflexible, loyal, persistent, self-indulging, independant.

Aveline: Capricorn; responsible, dictatorial, practical, shy, disciplined, inhibited. 

Bethany: Libra; diplomatic, indecisive, charming, idealistic, detached, unreliable. 

Carver: Sagittarius; straightforward, large-hearted, careless, impatient, over confident, athletic. 

Isabela: Gemini; clever, witty, impulsive, greedy, adaptable, devious, playful.

Merrill: Pieces; compassionate, over-sensitive, devoted, escapist, imaginative, dreamer, sympathetic. 

Sebastian: Scorpio; passionate, obsessive, focused, manipulative, resentful, determined, influential. 

Varric: Cancer; protective, pessimistic, creative, moody, faithful, clingy.

Tallis: Aquarius; inventive, rebellious, humanitarian, sarcastic, intelligent, unpredictable. 

Dog: Aries; brave, sincere, impulsive, confrontational, enthusiastic, indisciplined.

I’m so sorry any to any Aeries out there, it was just last on the list and it was kinda cute to compare to dog ;u; AND I know this has been done before, just wanted to try my hand at it.

i’m a tireless ally to the LGB community, i love all the sassy gay men, lesabanas and biosexuals.

Word of the Day: INDEFATIGABLE

Pronunciation: [in-di-FAT-i-guh-buhl]

Example sentences:

  • After spending a year helping starving orphans, Jo pledged to spend her life as an indefatigable advocate of children’s rights.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog is an indefatigable runner with a penchant for gold-colored rings.
  • At the end of the school year, every student in the indefatigable teacher’s class gave her a long, heartfelt letter expressing their gratitude.
  • Mikasa, Levi, and the other members of the Survey Corps are committed to being indefatigable defenders of humanity against titans.

People were pissed when the Oscars “In Memoriam” somehow didn’t include Joan Rivers, who spent the final act of her tireless, barrier-breaking career pretending to care who they were wearing as they arrived at the Oscars. So what gives? Did the Academy have a beef, or was it a subtle hint that she’s alive and well, cracking abortion jokes on the Weinstein compound with Heath Ledger? Most likely, the answer was actually simpler: The Academy just forgot she died.

No really, it actually happens all the damn time. The “In Memoriam” presentation tends to have more snubs than the awards themselves, on account of the process being mostly subjective. For example, 2009 decided to honor Vampira from Plan 9 From Outer Space, but not legendary actress Eartha Fucking Kitt (not her actual middle name). Harry Morgan (an actor who appeared in over 100 films) also got the shaft. This is why you’ll see tributes to random industry executives, and not obvious candidates like Rivers or two-time Bond villain / Happy Gilmore’s boss Richard Kiel. There’s no vigorously kept rules, beyond a bunch of interns Googling Los Angeles death announcements.

5 Behind the Scenes Facts About How the Oscars (Don’t) Work


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