Tiramisu Cake
  • Tiramisu Cake
  • We Are The Night (위아더나잇)
  • Single “Tiramisu Cake”

Artist: We Are The Night (위아더나잇)
Song: Tiramisu Cake
Album: Single “Tiramisu Cake”

This very simple track is great because of its simplicity; with only a synthesizer, drum, and vocals, it’s a light listen but leaves a lasting impression. The melody is just so darn addicting and sounds like a soundtrack for a video game. It’s a different style from the band’s previous music, but I really like this new color and hope they continue to experiment!

Click here to watch the MV.

Urspace – Tiramisu Milk Tea

(Location: Temple City, CA)

The incredible presentation aside, I liked this tiramisu milk tea a bit more than Le Arbre’s version. The tiramisu taste is stronger here, and most importantly, the layer of cream on top is not as heavy as it is at Le Arbre. There’s also more tiramisu powder on top, all of which mixes very well into the drink, alongside the cream. It can be heavy, but having the ice melt dilutes it in a good way as you keep drinking.