I have to say, I’m not surprised at all that Mason is chatting with the Reaper… and enjoying himself in the process. 

Mason: Hey man, no hard feelings, you’re just doing your job.

Grim: Yeah dude, thanks. Hey was that guy your friend?

Mason: No *bleepin* way man. I’m not here to make friends.

Again… not surprised. 


The Canvas’ gen 2(+) house is by the amazing builder tiptoesims. I’m obviously not done with every room, but the last three(!) bedrooms will have to wait until they have occupants.

This is so far from my usual muted/cluttered/realistic style and I’m so excited to see Jackson and his bride moving around in it.

This legacy's thing is that there is an artist in every generation (haha get it Canvas?) and that entire orange hallway is for artwork by family members. One of founder Gabrielle’s works is in there now.


Double tagged by my Mississippi gal pal tiptoesims, so I guess I better answer

*drum roll*

  1. Why did you choose your url?
    Mspoodle is one of my nicknames and have used it for my internet username since there was internet. Yes I’m old. Remember Prodigy or CompuServe?

  2. What is your middle name?

  3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
    Tribble or a true cat familiar

  4. Favorite color?
    I always answer this as black, but honestly love all colors.

  5. Favorite song?
    I won’t bore you with my terrible music taste (mostly 80’s music). Turned on my Zune and hit random - Private eyes - Hall & Oates

  6. What are your top three fandoms?
    Sims (duh), Supernatural (old lady drools), and Trekkie (on and off) 

  7. Why do you enjoy tumblr?                                                                       Because I get to be goofy and no one cares.                                             

    8.   Tag all 9 of your tumblr squishes.                                                                    Tagging all of you cool cats. ;)

I finally decided to start a simblr (all because of tiptoehappiness, I absolutely love her sims, let’s play, speed building.. well basically everything she does). By the way, I’m a little frenchy so don’t judge my poor english. Also my name is Manon, I’m 20 and that’s all you need to know  *smile*

And those cuties are my favorite sims at the moment. Park (yes, I read Rainbow Rowell’s book already twice) and Amber. They are roommates. You will see a lot of them for awhile I think.

Being wash ashore with the rest of the passages from the ship,Colby Ashmore finds herself stranded on an small island with no communication to the main land, and having the ship being wreck from the storm, they don’t really have a way to get back home.How long they will be on the island, if they can survive with little food and clean water that they have, Will Colby and the other passages ever go home? Or be force to make the island their new home.

  • Fish and Chips
  • Island Life
  • Sea Form
  • Sign: Leo

Adventurous, Flirty, Good sense of humor, green thumb and loves to swim.

LTW: The perfect Garden.

I used content from: IP, SP,BG,WA and othe EPs Im not sure.

Eyes are Defaults BrntWafflesEphemeraMS93DEFAULT

with a slider to make them look smaller- aWT_EYEBALL_Lod0_buhudainUVFix2_SimSkin

Default Skin/Eskin Fresh - Base game skin

I used Sliders on her.

She is wearing BG make up with Wundersims beauty mark.

- You can add any makeup to make her presentable :P

-Can changed her name to what suits her, I couldn’t really come up with a name.

Download [Private]


For Tiptoesims Let’s Play Midnight Sun Challenged.

Hope You Like her :3

Note: I don’t know if she already has a pretty lady for her LP, I just found her video on youtube,and I wanted to make a sim anyways :)