done and fresh 2 def, yo
haha not really golly i messed up like 8000000 times on this thing plus this is a really shitty cellphone pic ( orz )
constuction paper+watercolors= irritatingly messy
i love the idea of 05 havin somethin to do with ghost. personally, i say she is a ghost guide and has nifty spectral powers
the ghosts look like candy corn…


I know people irl are always interested/confused by my sketchbook, so i thought some of yall might like to see it too! Its not actually a sketchbook, its a hello kitty scrapbook that i got on sale at walmart and i just kind of glue scraps of paper in it and ive got lots of folded pages with ‘secret’ drawings and things and idk man its so pointlessly convoluted
Also, you can see a few of my oc’s, which i have never shown any of you and i still plan on never talking about again

Part 1/4