Meg Turney lands 20th in FHM Sexiest Women In The World 2015

Meg Turney lands 20th in FHM Sexiest Women In The World 2015

FHM Sexiest Women in the World 2015 has started releasing the final poll and guess what? Meg Turney lands 20th position.

Girl gamer and blogger Meg Turney who we have heavily featured on from her live updates on Me In My Place 2015 shoot to our exclusive interview with Meg Turney and even her Meg Turney dating tips feature comes in only 1 place underneath Beyonce.

Yes 1 place…

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OkCupid Breakdown! (Profile Edition, Part 7)

What you should do:

Admit something slightly embarrassing but lighthearted.

What you might maybe do:

Hint at a sexual fetish or proclivity you have. As a whole, I advise against talking about sex in your profile or in first messages. However, I do understand that some people strongly prefer a partner who likes the same thing they do in the bedroom. This is the most appropriate place to talk about it. The question practically begs you to mention something “naughty.” Subtlety is good though. People who share your fetish will be able to read between the lines.

What you should not do:

“If I admitted it here, it wouldn’t be private.” No shit Sherlock. You’re not the first person to realize this. Everyone realizes this. It’s not a perfectly worded segment header. But you know exactly what is intended here, so don’t pretend you’re so much more clever than everyone else. If you don’t want to answer the question, just skip this segment.

“That I’m on OkCupid.” You’re not original. This is probably the most common single answer to this question. It’s boring. Also, by saying this, you’re basically insulting every single person who is reading your profile. You’re saying that it’s shameful to be using online dating. If you’re embarrassed to be here, get off.

Something incredibly private. This isn’t the right forum to talk about certain things. If it is deeply personal to you, you should wait until you have developed some kind of personal relationship with someone who you can share this with privately. Or if you need someone to talk to about it and you want to do that online, you should find an appropriate online forum for the discussion. Remember, you’re not anonymous here.

What you should do:

Establish a criteria of what you expect from people who are messaging you. Keep in mind that a lot of people who are browsing profiles will skip down to this section before reading the rest of your profile.

This is where you put the deal breakers.

This is where you talk about things you find attractive in other people.

It’s ok to point out the obvious: “Don’t message me if you are outside of my specified age range.” “Please read my entire profile before you message me.” “Messages that look copied and pasted will be ignored.” “One-word messages will be ignored.”

Offer a conversation starter or two. “When you message me, tell me about your favorite city you’ve ever visited.” “Give me a book recommendation!” Only suggest conversations that you would actually enjoy having.

What you should not do:

“If you feel like it” or “If you like what you read.” These are basically non-statements. Remember that this part of your profile is your opportunity to weed out the people you aren’t interested in. Don’t waste it.

“You probably shouldn’t.” Do you know what this does? It only eliminates those people who actually read your profile and respect what you’re saying. Those people go “ok” and don’t message you. They move on to someone who seems interested in meeting other people.

Complain about never getting any good messages - or never being responded to. If you are overly jaded, it discourages people from investing seriously in trying to get to know you.

Demonstrate overt hostility. We get it, you’re frustrated with all the shitty people online. And you should be frustrated. We all are. But there are a handful of people out there who are genuine, earnest, and decent. They read your profile in an effort to get to know you. If you’re being hostile in your profile, that’s their first impression of you. What are they supposed to think? That this person will get nicer once I get to know her in person? No. They’re going to assume that if you feel comfortable coming across as a jerk online, you’ll feel comfortable being a jerk in “real life.” And before you get angry at me: I’m not telling you “you should smile more often.” I’m just saying “don’t be actively mean to people before you meet them.” If you don’t believe that anyone online is worth meeting or worth kindness and respect, then what the fuck are you doing creating a profile?

Establish criteria which isn’t absolute. The decent people are the ones who are reading your profile and are the ones who will respect your criteria and not message you if they fall outside of your criteria. If you’d prefer someone tall but it’s not an absolute dealbreaker (so long as the guy has a bunch of other good things going for him) don’t mention it as part of your criteria. Because that guy 1 inch shorter than you who happens to have every other quality you are looking for won’t bother messaging you if he feels that his height is going to preclude him from a date. Every piece of criteria you establish is going to narrow the pool of people (who actually read your profile) who message you. Only include criteria which is critical to you.

Alright that’s it. Go make yourself an awesome profile. And stay positive. If you are patient and invest the right effort into this process, YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE AMAZING WHO THINKS YOU’RE AMAZING.