Hello peeps!

I have noticed that many of you have sent questions relating to public transit and the anxiety it gives you. So I just wanted to share some tips that some of you may find helpful!

Many people (including myself) rely on public transit to get you where they need to go. However this may make people anxious. So some things that may help:

  • Sit near the back of the bus- this may help you feel less overwhelmed by the people entering and leaving the bus (plus it leaves the priority seats available for the people who need them the most). (However make sure your surroundings are safe, asses the situation and know when things are appropriate and when they aren’t)
  • Wear earplugs and or sunglasses- If you feel like you are having a sensory overload, use these They may help calm you down and de-stress you. The earplugs for the noise level and the glasses for bright lights or if you don’t feel comfortable with making eye contact with people. If you don’t have earplugs try using headphones. (However make sure your surroundings are safe, asses the situation and know when things are appropriate and when they aren’t)
  • Write down your directions/plan- If you are using transit to go somewhere new, print off the directions or save them as a note on your phone. This may put you more at ease and make you feel more organised. If you have data on your phone you can even watch your route on google maps via GPS in live time.
  • Make sure you have all your belongings when you enter AND leave transit- The worst thing is when you forget something important on transit (this has happened to me before). So before you leave do the “three touch tap go”, my three touch tap go includes my buss pass, my keys and my phone. However keep in mind these can be anything you choose.
  • Distract yourself- Make a playlist of music you like or that calms you down! Maybe even play a game on your phone. (However be aware so you don’t accidentally miss your stop.
  • Show up to your stop early- Show up 5 mins. or so early to your stop, sometimes public transit can be iffy depending on traffic, repairs or current events. So its always good to be safe then sorry. Also you won’t have to worry about missing your ride!

As a side note, try to thank your transit operator. It can be as simple as a “good morning/evening, how are you?” or a “thank you”. They work long hours and sometimes have to deal with not so nice people. Kind words can go a long way. But also don’t be afraid to report someone if you feel misconduct is happening.

Anyway I hope some of these help you. Best of luck xoxo

-Hermit Sam

mud-blood-9-3-4 asked:

Just an idea, but hopefully it's helpful.. When getting in contact with a larger business/corporation/franchise, I find it's more useful to call rather than email because you'll usually get a generic response or some pre-written email. But if you call, they'll likely send you to the corporate office or supervisor and you can get a few words in (and from experience working in various large companies, we have to write reports and take notes when a call is escalated). Good luck and god bless

anonymous asked:

Any tips on subtle (and not so subtle) zoom effects? You know the ones that nearly everyone uses. When the beat hits, the clip zooms in suddenly and then zooms out again. I seem to know how to do it (I think) but I never know where to put the keyframes and when I should zoom them in and out. I'd love some help!

For my subtle zooms, I keep my keyframes between 10-20 frames apart from each other, like this and this. Also, I keep my zooms going in the same direction; if it zooms in from Frame 1 to 10, I keep it zooming in until the end of the media.

For my dramatic zooms, I zoom in 5 frames then begin to zoom out, like so. Unlike my subtle zooms, my zooms change direction at Frame 5. Out to in, in to out.

My suggestion is to test out with different keyframe numbers and how far you zoom in; I stick with 5s and 10s because it’s easier for me to remember those numbers.

- Jules

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving. Heres a few last minute tips to help u get threw ur day! (:

-dont try to restrict today. Eat! Even if its just a little bit every hour or so but dont restrict cuz youll either end up binging at the end of the or youll feel like youve missed out on all the yummy foods.
-wear super baggy comfortable clothes so if and when you get bloated it wont be as noticeable or as uncomfortable.
-try your hardest to ignore anyones comments about your weight, their weight, the amount of food you or someone else is eating, diets, etc. Ignore it all!!!
-dont worry about how many extra calories your body is taking in because your body knows how to handle it and i promise you youll be ok! (: (altho just between us, im pretty sure calories dont even count on holidays. Its their day off.)
-dont purge. Your body needs the food. If you feel like purging distract yourself. Go talk to someone or watch some tv or anything besides purging. Go sit outside for a few minutes or take a little walk. The fresh air will help you.

I hope ive helped out a little bit and i hope you all enjoy your thanksgiving! (: and to all my followers who dont celebrate thanksgiving i still hope you have an amazing day!

Hey, also, all of you protesting out there, WEAR BRIGHT COLORS. I understand the symbolism of wearing black, but it makes us look more threatening and the police are more likely to respond violently to a crowd dressed in all black than a crowd dressed in bright colors.

whatifilovehim asked:

Hey, i don't speak English very well and i don't understand sooo much the explication about how to take out the background songs in the audio, for to make voice overs. Do u know any tutorial more easy? Please, help me :(

For any work with audio, I recommend Sony Vegas, so these tutorials will be Vegas-based:

Now, you cannot always remove the background audio; some background music just doesn’t want to be removed or taken out. Mess around with your audio settings, and if all else fails, throw an echo effect on it - it works for me 98% of the time.

- Jules