How to save your grades!

So school is almost coming to its end and as always there is that one grade or two grades, or maybe perhaps a lot of grades that we want to save, but how do you do that? As I have done this myself before I will show you my top three tricks to get that final grade the way you want it

1. Study hard. I know its very obvious, but don’t waste time, do all of your coursework, read the homework, and do everything that you are supposed to, and maybe even more

2. Re-read old stuff. One of my teachers once told me that the only thing that held me back from that A+ was my missing level of abstraction. In the last few months (where a lot of the students have already let go, and forgotten the old work) - This will  not only give you a better understanding on the subject better but this is also a very good ability to have - refering to previous subjects

3. Talk to the teacher. A lot of people hate being “up their teachers asses”, but be friendly, ask questions on the subject after class, just to give them a better impression of you

But most importantly be determined - you will make it, if not this time, then next time. 

anonymous asked:

It seems like every time I get home from school i am too exausted todo homework right away.... any advice? ?


Hmm. I do not recommend that you start your homework right away when you just return home from school. Naturally, we are all exhausted. School drains our energy quite a bit…I would suggest that you take a break first.

  • When you return home, I would say relax for 45 minutes-1 hour. That is what I do. 
  • Eat something. Take a Nap. Read some fanfictions. Draw. Write. Watch Youtube videos. Game. Scroll through your Tumblr Dashboard. Just do something that relaxes you.
  • But, make sure after one hour max., you start to work. You do not want to relax the whole day… 
  • To get started, I would suggest that you make yourself some snacks to accompany you whilst you start to study after that one hour break is over.
  • Listen to some music whilst you study. It will help ease into the studying mood.
  • Have your books out. Know what you want to start with first.
  • Avoid multitasking. Focus one completing one task at a time. 
  • To avoid distraction, try not use your laptop, or WIFI unless necessary.

Best of Luck.


Before this strange update, you used to go to your favourite website for icons and such, yes? Well, just like then, you will right click on the image you want to copy, but instead of clicking on “copy image” you will click on “Copy image URL” as such: 

Then you go back to tumblr, onto your text and, just like before, do the magic right click and select paste: 

And as easy as that you will see the result you always loved. 

No need to save every single icon you ever had. :] Happy Role playing! x (Credit of website to holland-roden-icons)

Create Your Tumblr GIFs at 540 Pixels Wide:
When Tumblr widened photo posts from 500 to 540 pixels, many GIFs became blurry on the Dashboard. Tumblr would take a 500-pixel-wide GIF and stretch it to fit the new 540-pixel, full-width view on the Dashboard. Even if you uploaded a 540-pixel-wide GIF, Tumblr would shrink the image to 500 pixels wide, then bloat its display to 540 pixels wide. The result: fuzzy GIFs on the Dash. 

But no more. Tumblr now offers a GIF width of 540 pixels. Note the actual 540-pixel width highlighted in the illustration. However, the new size might only apply to new posts. I tried updating an older post, swapping a 500-pixel-wide GIF for a 540-pixel wide version, but Tumblr kept the GIF at 500 pixels wide. 

See Dashboard sizes of photo posts, including photosets, for GIFs.

Hemingway is a writing checker that is absolutely brilliant.

  • checks all spellings for you
  • checks if you’re over-using adverbs
  • picks out over-complicated sentences
  • suggests replacements for over-complicated phrases
  • picks out the passive voice
  • tells you how readable your text is (Grades/College level/etc)
  • calculates reading time