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Best Pieces Of Career Advice For Millennials

Good career choices are extremely important early in your career because you can set yourself up for success later on. The following are things that all millennials should do to get ahead in their careers:

1) Don’t settle for a job you’re not passionate about.

2) Focus on making a big impact immediately.

3) Take risks early and often in your career.

4) Spend more time with people than with your laptop.

5) Sacrifice today to position yourself for tomorrow.

6) Travel as much as you can, while learning about cultures and languages.

7) Locate mentors who live your desired lifestyle.

// After getting a bunch of requests for room organization, I realized I don’t actually own too many things TO organize - nevertheless, I’ve done my best. Hope you find some of these helpful. 

GENERAL LAYOUT - #1, #2, #3

I live in a super compact studio apartment in the city (Sydney) and I absolutely love my place. It has a big bed, large studying area, a kitchen, bathroom (not pictured but it’s by the door) and plenty of storage.

CLOTHES - #4, #5

I organize my clothes by type (from left to right): empty hangers, pants, sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, cardigans/hoodies, blazers, Indian outfits, jackets. Belts are kept on a towel-rack kind of thing. I’ve used this method for about 3 years and I’ll never go back! When I get dressed, I don’t think about colour, I think about type (”I feel like wearing jeans, top and a cardigan today” vs “I feel like wearing yellow”). Also, this gives me a pretty good idea of what kind of clothes I’m actually in need of if I go shopping.

For undergarments, I use 2 drawers:

1. “Cover-boobs-&-up Drawer”  (pictured above: includes bras, bralettes, slips, extra bra straps). AND 2. “Cover-butt-&-below Drawer” (includes underwear, stockings, socks). I like to have them laid out so that I know when I need to do laundry soon.


Because I had this long hallway and a blank wall, I put up 4 hooks and displayed my 4 bags as room decor (and now each bag has its own place in my room!)

Since I have quite a bit of jewelry and like to be able to see what my options are at one glance, I’ve displayed them on the side of my shelving unit. I put my necklaces up on a corkboard, evenly spread out (most commonly used ones near the bottom - cause I’m 5″1 and can’t reach all of them #sadstory). For my earrings, I used the bottle holder that came with the bar fridge and put it on hooks. It’s actually pretty ingenious if I do say so myself.

PAPER - #7, #11

One of the biggest culprits of mess is PAPER. I absolutely hate loose paper, especially if you want to find something specific and have to go through piles. 100% of my loose paper is tucked away somewhere and cataloged. Most of my class notes, important documents, bills, etc are filed into binders. My binders from left to right are: critical life binder, money management binder, floater folder (to carry things to/from places without carrying bulk of binder), recipe binder, theory/methods binder (for lab and thesis work), and my coursework binder. What if I just need paper to write junk stuff / ideas/ info from phone calls? I’ve got 2 ring-bound books for that! (the hot pink one and mint one in #11). And if I’ve got business cards, flyers or coupons, I put them up on the corkboard in front of my desk. For receipts, I put them in a receipt jar (will include photo as part of my future money management post)

KITCHEN - #8, #10

If you’re Indian, you or your mom probably already do this. I keep my spices in a round container, with small spice bowls inside. It comes with a tight lid and a small spoon that I keep inside. The reason Indians like to store it this way is because we use a lot of the same spices for different recipes, so it’s a lot easier for us to have it all in one place. For those of you who are interested, the spices I’ve got in there are: red chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin, fenugreek seeds, salt, ground pepper and chili flakes (others may have mustard seeds and maybe coriander seeds, instead of the last 2).

The rest of the powders (refills) are kept in their bags, and then put into sandwich bags, and then filed into a container so they’re kept nice and neat. Next to them I keep my onions, garlic and potatoes.


My two biggest tips are to 1) compartmentalize everything and 2) have a place for everything you own. This makes tidying up soooo easy, and a complete no-brainer. I usually put on music and dance my way through a clean-up because I’m so used to where everything belongs. Up top in the photo, I’ve got my cleaning-related supplies. Second shelf is my back-up shelf. I’ll include a list of things you should think about including in your back-up box/shelf. Under that, I’ve got my make-up, hair-ties, perfume, etc. Everything I need to look like perfection. #jokes

What’s in my back-up shelf? Outside the green box, I’ve got extra toilet paper rolls, tissue rolls, and Kleenex. Inside the green box, I’ve got extra batteries, pads, lightbulbs, razors, washcloths, sponges, floss, soap, sandwich bags, hooks, pocket tissues, and white-out.

DESK DRAWERS - #11, 12, 13

Basically, I don’t like to keep loose ANYTHING. It’s all about the pouches. If it’s big and bulky, then it can stay out. Even in my junk drawer (#12), it’s all compartmentalized. My swimming goggles and lock for lockers in one pouch, my broken sunglasses in another, my foldable flats in a small gold pouch, memorabilia in a larger one underneath, my actual junk pouch (includes flashlight, keychains, lanyards, etc) and my passport pouch (not junk, but you know, gotta put it somewhere). 

In my final drawer (#13), I keep anything technology related. One container is for adapters and charging cables, and the other container is for electronics (external hard drive, portable charger, earphones, DSLR accessories, etc). I’ve also got a green container that includes more delicate items like memory cards.

Let me know if these were helpful, or if you want more specific information/photos on what I’ve mentioned! Have a productive day : )

a-mayella-flower asked:

Can you post some photos of your German grammar notes? I'm taking Russian and am trying to find a clean and organized way to write out grammar.

Hi! As I explained in this post, I take pretty simple notes. My German grammar notes are simple too. I just rewrite the rule and his explanation in words (in my native language) maybe with some examples from my textbook or other sources. For German specifically I did some tables with declensions and verbs so I can see them clearly and learn them easier. 

Here there are the parts about articles’ declension and present of verbs.

Another example: lately I’ve been working on verbs with prepositions and I did a file using Numbers (Excels for Mac). It’s very useful because I can decide to order the verbs alphabetically or by preposition or also by case depending of what I’m testing myself on.

Tips for incoming college freshman

You’ve received your acceptances. You’ve gotten your rejections. Hopefully you’re in the process of picking a nice undergrad institution to call your home. It’s been four or so years since I’ve done that process, but I can remember the intense feelings that I went though, mostly because they’re very similar to the feelings I’m going through with applying to grad school now.

Now, I’m obviously too late for application advice, but I can give some advice for what to expect during your first year. Small disclaimer: I did go to a local public research university, so my experiences are probably different from those going to liberal arts colleges or private institutions…Nevertheless, here are my tips for incoming freshmen!

Live in the dorms

…if you can afford it that is. This is especially the case if you’re super shy and introverted, like myself. There’s something living in the dorms allows you to gain friendships much easier than commuting. Probably because you’re stuck in a tiny area with the same people like…every day. I assure you, the friends you make in college could possibly make your whole experience, or at the very least get you through the whole ordeal without losing your mind.

Don’t always go home on weekends.

I was this girl. I feel like I missed a lot of bonding opportunities. I don’t regret going home on weekends, because family is super important…but if I were to do it all over again, I would probably stay a lot more.

8 am classes in college are not the same as 8 am classes in high school

Just trust me on this one…You will not wake up for your classes. Only the best of the morning people can manage 8 am classes in college…

The advice of upperclassmen is priceless

If you can find an upperclassmen friend, especially in your major, that is a relatively good student, you’re in luck. Advice from a student, in my opinion, trumps the advice an academic adviser can give. (Maybe I just had bad advisers?) Older students can give you advice on the class work load, the professors, the difficulty of the tests and other intricacies that no faculty or staff member could relate to. They can also put in a good word for you if they’re involved in internships/research/volunteer work, which is very valuable, particularly in larger public schools where it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

There is so much more than just classes

Classes are boring. There are so many more opportunities directly affiliated with university campuses that a lot of students miss out on. There are student organizations, volunteer work, research opportunities, teaching/tutoring, etc etc etc. Getting involved with things other then just required academic classes not only serves as a fantastic resume builder, but it also exposes you to people who can teach and guide you as you figure out your future careers.

Don’t buy your books from the bookstore

They’re probably cheaper on Amazon…or at least cheaper to rent on Amazon. Seriously…shop around before you guy your books…

Start looking for scholarship/internship opportunities now

You may be thinking that you’re a freshman that doesn’t know much and has no experience. Whether that’s true or not is not the issue. If you find internships and scholarships during your first year, you can find out what you need to work and have a killer application by the time you’re ready to apply.

Let your study techniques be adaptable

Most people I’ve met say that their study habits from high school failed miserably in college. I can definitely vouch for that. Regardless, don’t be surprised if that techniques that passed your classes in high school don’t work as well in college. Be ready to adapt and seek advice on how to better learn the material you’ll be coming across. 

Don’t feel obligated to be anything but yourself

If you’re that homebody that hates to party, don’t feel obligated to party. If you’re the quiet kid who’d rather spend nights alone in their room, feel free to do that every so often. College, like high school, is much harder when you’re trying to hard to fit in. This is not to say that you should not get out of your comfort zone! Just do it in a way that doesn’t mess up your beliefs and values.