I am known as quite the Productive type, so here are some of my tips just for you guys! 

Tip 1: plan ahead 
If you have a planner that is not time managed… Get one that is time managed. Right now I use my bullet journal in an altered way, when I want to spend a day properly getting THINGS DONE. Make sure you know how long you will need for a certain task and be specific in what that task is. 5 pages. A chapter. A certain subject. Now plan it into your time table, and take the time spaciously. Will it take 15 minutes? Plan 20. You will feel more rested and accomplished! ( also don’t forget breaks ) 

Tip 2: sleep.
What? Sleep? Why sleep? Studyblr’s don’t sleep? Let me tell you. If a studyblr is advertising not taking care of your body because that’s hardcore? They are not doing it right. Sleep is essential. Make sure you have 8 hours of sleep, so you have enough energy for the day and start the day EARLY.   

Tip 3: Don’t take hours getting ready 
2 hours to get ready in the morning? You can use that time better. Go from bed straight to the shower so you will be fresh, get yourself some breakfast, chill for a bit and then 10 minutes before you planned to start studying, go grab your stuff and Do the job. 

Tip 4: minimize your distractions 
Don’t put things on your desk that you won’t be using. It’s distraction and you don’t want that. Music with lyrics is a big no go for me. Spotify does some GREAT playlist just for this and also coffitivity.com (available in the appstore too) is a savior. Listen to that with headphones on and you immediately get into that productive state. 

Tip 5: keep track of time 
I have used Pomodoro and those types of apps but they didn’t do the job for me. What I like to do is put the stopwatch of my Iphone next to me and every time I finish a “task” I start a new round. When I go for a break, I stop the stop watch, and in that way at the end of the day, I will see how many hours of real productivity I had and what I can do better next time. 

Tip 6: Social media does not exist
No, not even tumblr while searching the studyblr tag and aspecially not during small breaks. There are apps that won’t let you have access to social media your laptop or phone, but I just use my second iphone with no apps on there so twitter, tumblr, Facebook, non of it is available at the tap and luckily I am not that desperate to go on web to those sites haha! 

And those are the Productivity tips I got for you as if now, Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to fill up my ask box!

MH4U: Understanding Evade+ Skills

In Monster Hunter, there are evasive maneuvers that you can do using the B button. The first 6 frames (0.2 seconds) of the evade you are invincible so if you get hit by an attack that arrives and is gone within that tight time frame, you will not get hit. 0.2 seconds is incredibly tight so in principle you use evades to avoid contact with an attack, not to evade through them.

The game technically runs in frames but has a variable frame rate so if the game is at 30FPS then the first 6 frames of an evade are your invincibility frames but if you are on a new 3DS or the frame rate is 60FPS at that moment, it’ll be 12 frames. If you experience lag, your evasion will not be affected since technically it’s calculated via frames under the hood.

*I have a full tutorial video coming out very soon for this. Writing this gives me a chance to organize the information before I capture and edit the video.

Evade Skill:
There is an armor skill call Evade+ that will extend the duration that you are invincible, making it possible to move through incoming attacks without getting hit. A normal evade maneuver (circle pad + B) is 36 frames. Some weapons can do a side step, which is 18 frames, or a back hop which is 23 frames but 18 when chained together).

  • None: 0.20 seconds (6 frames)
  • Evade+1: 0.33 seconds (10 frames)
  • Evade+2: 0.40 seconds (12 frames)
  • Evade+3: 0.60 seconds (18 frames)
  • Evade Down: 0.1 seconds (3 frames)

Now, you can evade through not only attacks but screams/beams as well, provided whatever it is comes and goes within the invincibility frames. Monsters like Diablos who have a very long scream, you’re going to want HQ Earplugs, but for most monsters if you have the higher Evade+ skills you can jump right before a scream and avoid being affected by it.

Evasion an an Offensive Skill
Evasion+ works really well with weapons that have a delay window after an attack. For example, switch axe has a large delay meaning you can adjust timing and evade through attacks easier than with other weapons. This allows you to be more aggressive as well, so Evasion when used properly is more of an offensive skill than a defensive one. The Dual Blades, however, has such a short evade (Demon Dash) so putting Evasion+ skills on it is not that meaningful.

A special mention goes to the Lance, which can chain 3 side steps together in a row and they count as a combo. For that reason, if you have Evade+3, the frame in which the invincibility ends for one evade and starts for the next overlap and you are invincible the entire time. This gives you a ridiculous amount of time (54 frames, almost a full second) to avoid attacks, even the largest of beams can be hopped through. But of course evading an attack alone won’t kill a monster, so it’s up to the skill of the hunter to learn how to time and chain evades together properly in a way that makes them more aggressive and increase their damage output, otherwise you’d be better off with attack bolstering skills. The only other weapon that can do combo steps is LBG (2 steps in a row). Note that even though it looks like a combo, consecutive demon dashes with DB is not a combo so the frame in-between them you will get hit.

Finally, one other note is that the Sword and Shield’s back hop into a charge attack is considered an evade, while the fade slash for the Long Sword is not.

You really need to see it to get it, so please look forward to my video in the next day or two!

Happy Hunting!

anonymous asked:

I have like a 2.0 GPA right now because I tried majoring in Mechanical Engineering and it brought my grades into the toilet (1.62 cumulative). I'm going to go into my 4th semester starting in January as a BCBP (BioChem, BioPhysics major). How can I get it to at least a 3.3 before I graduate in 5-ish semesters?

First of all, good job trying a really hard major. Experimenting is important. Also, good for you for evaluating your skills and realizing maybe mechanical engineering isn’t your thing.

BioChem/BioPhysics is still going to be pretty difficult. It’s not like you’re switching from Mechanical Engineering to something easy. And the classes are only going to get more difficult as you get into junior and senior year.

If you want a 3.3 you’re going to have to work your ass off. You’re basically going to need to get an A in every class from now on. And even then, it may just get you to a 3.0.

Why do you need a 3.3 specifically? Are you planning on graduate school? If you specifically need a high GPA for graduate school, you may want to see if your school has a grade replacement program. It sucks, but you should consider retaking the classes you did really poorly in to raise your average.

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반말 (ban-mal) - casual or informal language

존댓말 (jon-dae-mal) - polite or formal language

This is one of those things that I will always be learning and messing up on. In general I would say that unless you’re speaking to children or dogs, it’s best to use polite language. I would also say that as a foreigner, Korean people are very understanding and forgiving if you use the incorrect language. 

Still, as an English speaker and language nerd, it’s interesting to learn about the extent of different formalities that don’t exist in your own language. Press play above and let the confusion begin. ^^

Workout Tips for Underachievers

So, I’ve read a lot of workout tips helping people to get motivated to exercise and I really think that’s great.  BUT, what about those of us who know we really should work out and are looking for tips to get out of it without seeming lazy? I’m here to help! Below are some tips to get you out of a workout without having to admit defeat:

  • Always carry scissors.  You can’t run with scissors; everyone knows that.
    • Friend: “Hey, I’m going for a jog; wanna join me?
    • You: *Pull scissors out of pocket. End of discussion.
  • Rest is just as important to fitness as the workout. Your body doesn’t get stronger during the workout itself; it gets stronger during the breaks. Imagine how strong your body will get if, instead of a rest day, you took a rest month.  
  • The best way to ensure that you work out is to have a workout partner.  But what if you have a workout partner and forget to tell them that they are your workout partner? That way when they show up to your house wearing clothes that aren’t conducive to working out, it’s just a silly misunderstanding. What are you gonna do, send them away so you can work out alone? Of course not, that’s just rude. Apologize for the miscommunication and go to Happy Hour with the promise of a future workout.
  • Bring your gym bag to work. Forget to put your sneakers in there.
  • Put on a workout video. I find that even when I’m sitting on my couch watching it, the trainer tells me I’m doing a great job.   It’s just the right amount of motivation I need to continue watching from the couch.
  • Check the weather report. If it is scheduled to rain that afternoon, tell everyone who will listen that you are going for a jog in the park after work. Make a big deal out of the fact that you are tired of the gym and are really looking forward to getting out there in the elements and getting a workout in nature.  That way, when it rains, people feel bad that you didn’t get the chance to workout. I mean, everyone knows how much you were looking forward it to it.

These are just some tips that have helped me over the years. I really hope I’ve been able to help you achieve your goals.  

Building Self Worth

(1) Recognise and celebrate the fact that you are a valuable person, equal to everyone else, and that your talents and thoughts are unique and worthy.

(2) Treat yourself with the same care,  generosity and compassion as you would treat a loved one.

(3) Listen to and rely upon your own feelings and not automatically respond to the feelings of other people.

(4) Stop making your self worth conditional on other people.

(5) Accept the responsibility for your circumstances.

(6) Forgive yourself: Blame implies that someone or something else has the power that you lack.

(7) Focus on your energy and what you need to do to change a negative situation

(8) Break the habit of pleasing everyone else

(9) Don’t bottle up your feelings

(10) Seek opportunities to develop and prosper

(11) Value yourself for all that you have, and don’t have

(12) Value your time: Evaluate the time you give to yourself and to others.

If you need help with any of these areas, please message me :)