but like you wake up from hunger in the middle of the night so you unwrap yourself from ashtons arms and crawl out of bed then instantly regret it because its freezing but you continue through the house to the kitchen driven by hunger and you try to make a pb&j but you can’t reach the pb to save your life so you stand there on your tippy toes trying to reach it and right before youre about to climb on the counter you feel ash push up against your back side and giggle a little before he reaches over you and gives the pb to you but he cant leave just like that bc your wearing nothing except panties and his tshirt and it drives him crazy when you do that so he pulls up his shirt that youre wearing and pushes his face into your neck and breaths out a desperate “babbyyy come back to bed” while playing with the lace trim on your panties and kissing your neck slowly until he knows you cant say no and grabs your hand and pulls you back to bed!!!

“LUKE!” you called from your shared bathroom. “I SAID YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER TO PUT THE SEAT BACK DOWN!” Luke would groggily walk into the room, rubbing his eyes, as he just woke up. He’d chuckle a little himself and say something like “sorry, baby. I’ll remember next time. I will.” You would try to stay mad at him but his features just looked so cute in the morning. Your heart melted when his blue eyes looked at you, puppy dog face and all. “Yknow, I really wish I could stay mad at you” you admitted. wrapping your arms around his neck, standing on your tippy toes to give his ski slope nose a gentle smooch.

Looking at that height comparison image and knowing Janey is taller than Nisha honestly makes jathena so much better.

I’m imagining Janey being kind of a little shit and teasing Athena saying she wants to see her stand on her tippy-toes to kiss her because she can’t reach otherwise but Athena grabs her by her jacket and pulls her down to do it instead.

okay if dan and phil were together, im genuinely curious about how dan and phil kiss. is it like romantic soft sweet kisses that last more than 5 seconds or do they like doing the short pecks multiple times before staring into each others eyes. also, does phil go on his tippy toes to give him that little inch of kiss dan or does dan crane his neck down and catches phil’s lips with his? i just.. i dont know