Tips For a Better Weigh In

1. Plan Your Weigh Ins

You shouldn’t be weighing yourself more than one a week, the less the better. 

If you have a rest day at least once a week, then that’s the best day to weigh yourself on. Otherwise, if you are most likely to go out on the weekend, and stray from your regular healthy eating - weigh yourself on the Thursday or Friday before that. Try to keep it consistent.

2. Weigh Yourself in the Morning

It’s best to weigh yourself in the morning before you eat/drink, or workout. 

3. Wear as Little Clothing as Possible 

Yup, excess clothing is just excess weight. It’s a good idea to weigh yourself in your underwear, or even better - naked! But if you’re not comfortable with that, make sure you are wearing light clothing when you weigh yourself! 

4. Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water

Making sure you’re drinking enough water will help your body release toxins and will prevent additional water retention. 

5. Don’t Weigh Yourself When You’re on Your Period

This is because your menstrual cycle can cause temporary water retention, all that excess bloating is not your friend!

6. Don’t Weigh Yourself After a Binge

Even though it’s just water weight, seeing the number on the scale will probably make you feel worse!

7. Don’t Let the Scales be Your Only Form of Measurement 

As I’ve said before, changing clothing sizes, feeling better and preforming better are all signs of progress. If you really wish to 

12. Don’t Let it Become an Obsession 

If you find yourself stepping on the scales several times a day, or after you have eaten, put the scale away for a bit. It’s not healthy to focus so much on your weight, it can lead to eating disorders and unhealthy eating overall. Don’t let a number control how you feel. If you can’t step on a scale and see the number without it effecting your mood, don’t step onto it at all. 

It’s safe to say that this series has been great! So many sweet and funny posts touching on the love aspects of marriage. They’ve covered what I thought I’d talk about so I’m going a different route, a ranty route.   I’ve been lucky in marriage. Why? Because I got married young. And you know […]

I do love this post! Though I am a huge advocate for wedding planners, I don’t always think you need to hire them for the ENTIRE time. Grocery store flowers are fine - my friend’s were from Costco and were completely gorgeous. This is the other side of that fancy wedding coin!

Getting the Kylie Jenner plump nude lips💄
1.make sure you exfoliate your lips, use a toothbrush in a circle motion and this well get rid of the end skin
2.After exfoliating your lips make sure you moisturize your lips this will help keep your lips smooth and hydrated
3. Once your lips are moisturized start with a nude lip liner and line your lips with it I use the CAO COSMETICS lip liner “NAKED” to make your lips appear bigger outline under your actual lip
4. Once you outline your lips fill in your lips with the liner , filling your lips in with the liner will make the lipstick last longer
5. Fill in your lips with any type of nude lipstick I suggest using the MAC COSMETICS HONEY LOVE or PATISSERIE these colors are similar to what she wears
6. After apply the lipstick go over your lips with the nude liner again then blot your lips with a paper towel , using paper towel is much more effective then toilet paper, toilet paper can stick to the lip liner and lipstick and leave little fuzz or bits of the paper on your lips
7. After blotting your lips apply the liner and lipstick again then blot one more time
8. The more you blot and apply the liner and lipstick the longer it will last
9. Once you’ve applied about three rounds of lipstick and liner and blotted take any clear lipgloss and use your pinky finger and only apply the gloss in the center of the bottom lip this will add the look of plumped lips, DO NOT apply gloss all over lips!
10. Yay and now your done!! I’ll post a video soon of a tutorial of this look it might be easier to see how it’s done :) #mua #makeup #maccosmetics #lipstick #lipliner #tip #nudelip #kyliejennerlip #kyliejenner #lips #tutorial #cosmetologist #cosmetology

Plot Reset Tip! (Pattern Breaking)

Note that this is from my experience and results may or may not vary.

What you do:

Begin plot resetting as you normally would. For your first 4-6 (or so) attempts, be sure to press the power button, then the home button and relaunch the game (when you aren’t satisfied with a plot). You may have noticed that the villager plots tend to be in the same 2-3 (approximate) general areas. The above method (what I italicized) has a tendency to create this “pattern”. If this pattern doesn’t fit your needs, then breaking it is necessary.

To break the pattern, instead of pressing the power button then home button, completely power off your 3DS (when you aren’t satisfied with the plot). From here, you can continue to do the power button + home method (about 4-6 times again) because a new pattern has been created. If you are still unsatisfied with this new pattern, repeat these steps by breaking the pattern and testing out the new one.

Let’s say you’re a perfectionist and you’re trying to get a plot in the exact 3x3 area. If the pattern is placing the plot in the general area (close to where you want it to be), then continue using the power button + home method, and with enough luck/patience you might get it!

I hope this gave a bit more insight! ^-^b