Art pressure (Please don’t do that to anyone ! )

I really don’t appreciate pressure. I’m talking about art pressure y’know like : 
‘’Why have you stopped that style ?’’, ‘’When are you going to draw more of that ?’’, ‘’Are you going to be active on your side-blog anytime soon ?’’ ‘’Why your style changed so much ?‘’ etc…

I don’t know for you guys, but sure commissions are made for people (Hence a specific style or subject) but most of time in any other drawing I do it for myself, I can experiment and change as I want, no ? If you can’t bare the though of someone changing their style or not be equally as active on each of their blogs or just regular active… or just sometime doing fanart and sometimes posting experientals and OC things… well that’s too bad but, please don’t pressure artists to do your art preference on on their blog or stress their activity - it can be stressful and sometime hurtful to some artists !

Yahu kadın; Tipimi beğenmiyorsan sakalı kestiririm ya da saçı uzatırım. Giyimimi beğenmiyorsan birlikte alışverişe çıkarız. Sana karşı davranışımı beğenmiyorsan, buluşup bi cafede çay içerken; anlatırsın ne yapmam gerektiğini. Düşüncelerimi beğenmiyorsan kitap önerirsin bana, okur düzeltirim! Bilinçaltımı, hayallerimi beğenmiyorsan, verirsin elini çekip götürürsün kendi ütopyana, zor değil!

anonymous asked:

hey cecui!! sorry if this has been asked before // or too personal but i was wondering if you have any study tips ??

i’m so sorry i’ve left this for so long..

i have a list of procrastination tips here

going to school advice/tips

to add onto this, here are some study tips

  • listen to music on very low volume while you study. only if it helps! sometimes you will find yourself distracted by the lyrics of the song, then take the initiative to turn it back off! but sometimes having your favourite tracks playing softly in the background will help ease your mind and motivate you to continue focusing
  • don’t spend too long on each subject. doing 3 straight hours of maths can’t be too good for you. split it up into two, and slot in some time for another subject, so your brain can relax a little.
  • set yourself a goal for every time you study. whether it’s the subjects you want to get through, or the number of exercises you want to complete, writing it down on a notebook/to-do list helps visually and mentally. 
  • set yourself time allocations for each task you do. eg. 4:00- shower; 4:30- maths chapter 5; 5:30- piano practice; 6:30- english essay; 7:00 dinner; etc etc. doing this every day will help you get on task easier. it’s hard to keep to it at first, but if you keep trying, eventually you’ll come to follow your allocations. 
  • schedule your timetable reasonably. if you know you need more time to do a certain task, don’t push yourself and come to realise you couldn’t complete what you set out to do, it will cause yourself to feel guilt or slight shame/frustration. be easy on yourself. if you know you want to fit in that episode of anime after dinner, then do so. just make sure you stop at that one episode, and continue with your timetable.
  • take naps.  if it’s 4pm and you’ve come home from an exhausting day of school, take a nap, but take a proper 20-30 minute nap. any longer and it will cause you to wake up sleepier, so set multiple alarms!! 
  • take proper study breaks that will relax your mind. so playing games on your phone or vigorously chatting to your friends on facebook as a study break, is not relaxing your mind, or taking your brain off anything that requires thinking, or straining your eyes etc. of course, check your notifications, scroll through your dash, but judge for yourself whether this is really efficient. make sure they aren’t any longer than 15 minutes.
  • taking a shower will help freshen up. this is a good way to get ready to study, especially after school. 
  • sleep affects your focus and ability to take in information and study effectively. if it’s 11pm or 2am, whenever you’re up late studying and you can feel your concentration start to deteriorate, and staying up any later attempting to study is just wasting time, go straight to sleep. 
  • remember that not everything goes as planned. so make sure you are open and flexible! whether it be, you planned to study maths all night, but your english teacher set a small essay due the next day. don’t panic, just adjust your time accordingly!

i hoped this helped, like come to me and i will give my humble advice and tips, i want to take care of you !! there are probably a lot more study tips, but the list is getting long, so i’ll leave it at there :~)