My remix of What Follows - Part III from Tiny Leaves’ What we Dream of.. EP on Future Sequence. Buy the EP here:
or here:

Not sure why i’ve only gotten around to putting this up, as the EP was released last year.
This remix is more of a cover version really. I used the chord stucture from Joels original but not any of the stems / recordings.
The remix consists of 4 channels of recordings of an old baby grand piano, pushed thorugh 6 channels of effects.

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NEWS: Tiny Leaves - A Good Land, An Excellent Land / TEASER

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An insight into the first few seconds of the next TINY LEAVES live performance…


Whilst being busy composing the next album, almost hearing nothing but the every nuance of its growth,the to-and-froing over the same four seconds of strings or a recent flurry with a clarinet in amongst some post-rock guitar noises, I was pleasantly warmed by this early video. The beginnings of Tiny Leaves, writing most of my early work in this old church office a stones throw from our former (tiny) home in a town near London, having to cram in writing sessions between work & babies, often after hours in the cold & usually very tired. Not that I’m in its fullness yet but seeing this makes me so thankful that there is more space to write in the daylight & most importantly time to write:

I’d like to say that here in the UK we are experiencing one of the most remarkable Springs I can remember as our trees, burgeoning with clouds of tiny flowers, are applauded by a raucous chorus of birdsong. Driving back from the Welsh coast yesterday I was struck the perfect spring green rolling fields were with their own soundtrack of the new lambs’ distant bleating under very welcome sea-blue skies. As I write this I’m over the half-way point with the next album which has had a surge of new parts and pieces & likewise new energy. I’m quite surprised by how it develops, in particular one track, initially intended to be the entire album. I left this track for a number of months as it became too big to work with and thought I’d reduce it in length to make it like the other tracks fitting into a more conventional album like the last one. However in revisiting it recently, with the motivation to cut it back, I began playing around with alternative arrangements of a Piano section, to which I added string accompaniment, only to land with another entire section, thus lengthening the piece. I’m now considering this to be a double album or something similar. In any case the hope is to begin finalising pieces and going into the studio before not to long. xx 

Incase you thought : ‘Is he even doing anything other than enjoying faux scandinavian & french breakfasts in the UK'…Yes I am, although a little Eggs Benedict too. I'm still working on the next album which is beginning to sound very exciting, as I approach the end of its first draft. I’m also putting together a live set ready for performances from June this year, linking some of the old & new pieces together. There is also another exciting project brewing - which I’ll let out of the bag later. Enjoy the springing of tiny leaves  xxxxx