Sometimes if you like me, don't tell me unless i like you back.
i mean like half of me wants to know and half doesn’t. i mean when you find out someone likes you it means your attractive, and not only to a wall. its nice to know that fact, but it just changes everything about that person. you start noticing things. and some people will just like be chill with it, however not everyone is like that. That’s why everyone is unique. I’m those type of people, that wouldn’t like take it calmly. ill start panicking, and if i don’t like you back, and u trying to come on to me, ill start backing off, avoiding, and ignoring you. I’m not doing it on purpose, it’s just who i am. i feel really icky, or something like that if you do start coming towards me. and if you are a good friend, ill feel really bad. i don’t know if i should reject you , because it will be really awkward afterwards, and sometimes you just don’t want to lose that friends. There’s just some people that will always be friends, and just friends. When they say ignorance is bliss, i agree. it is totally a bliss. I mean if i like that person back, then its a totally different situation, but if you know i don’t like you back, then please don’t ask someone to tell me or tell me yourself. I’m really slow deny a lot of stuff, so even if you drop the most obvious hints, i wont believe or notice it unless you tell me. so please don’t tell me. i beg of you.