Broody Vampires and Tiny Nerds


1.Lana Del Rey-Million Dollar man

2. Give Me Love-Ed Sheran

3.Accidentally In Love-Counting Crows

4.Somewhere In Neverland Acoustic-All Time Low

5.Video Games-Lana Del Rey

6.Rooftop To The Street-Tonight Alive

7.A Thousand Years-Christina Perri

8.All I Want-Kodaline

9.Dracula-Bea Miller

10.Back From The Dead-Skylar Grey

11.Say Something-Christina Aguilera

12.Once Upon A Dream-Lana Del Rey

My #wcw is my lovely, smart, wonderful baby sister 💗 you are one badass little kid and I love you so much ! You’re growing way too quick stoooop! 😭 I remember when you were just a little chunky monkey 🙈 ugh I hope my future babies are as awesome as you are little one! 😍The coolest little lady I know! 😘💖 #mypreciousgem #tinyadventurer #myminime #shelovesnature