Elsanna Day 5 - Road Trip

This trip was supposed to be relaxing. It was supposed to be fun. It was neither. Elsa didn’t really want pick up the other girl; unfortunately it wasn’t an option. Their group of friends had decided the driving arrangement without her knowledge. Elsa ended up giving her least favourite person a ride to the camp site while the rest (Kristoff, Rapunzel, Eugene, and even Hans!) somehow squeezed into Rapunzel’s tiny sedan.

The door slammed shut and a straight-faced red-haired girl in jean shorts and green tank top was inside the car. Anna sat still in the passenger seat, eyes scanning the interior. Her mouth formed into a thin line.

“Is this your car?”


“It’s nice,” Anna continued haughtily, “I trust you will drive carefully.”

Elsa tightened her grip on her steering wheel and took a deep breath before giving a nod.

Elsa had known Anna since junior high but they started with the wrong foot. The true reason for their disagreement had long been forgotten. However they both were too proud to let it go. Whenever they were together, they often would end up arguing at the silliest things.

The car ride was definitely awkward. On the bright side, this gave Elsa a chance to observe Anna a bit more. The girl had a feisty personality but she was very nice to look at. Anna had such beautiful eyes with full, firm lips. There was definitely a proud sort of look as she glared down her (nice) nose at Elsa.

“It is a sin to ogle a girl without her consent.” Anna commented at Elsa and held her head high. “Your thoughts are so sinful that I feel sullied just by sitting here.”

“Oh?” Elsa stared at the smirking red-head before leaning into her personal space, “what would you know about sinful thoughts, have you been having any about me?”

Anna’s eyes narrowed and the blonde winced. That girl could glare. “Just drive.”

“Would it kill you to be civil to me for a minute?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, it would.”

“Such a drama queen,” Elsa muttered, eyes looking straight at the road.

“What did you call me?” Anna started to raise her voice.

Elsa stiffened. She turned back to the other girl and was about to retaliate when her car made a horrible bumping sound. The car immediately swerved to the right. Elsa instinctively slammed on her break which caused them to spin out of control.

Next to her, Anna was screaming her head off and saying how horrible it would be to die with the blonde. Despite being offended, Elsa was too busy freaking out herself to say anything. They skidded and came to a stop on the side of the road. An empty, middle of nowhere kind of road that was surrounded with thick trees.

Elsa was in shock. Before she could even turn off the engine, Anna was out of the car, going bananas.

“You,” she screamed, “you tried to kill me! We almost died!”

Elsa bit back a curse when the red-hair pulled her out of the car and started shaking her like crazy. She yanked Anna’s hands off her and held them above their heads.

“CALM DOWN! I wasn’t trying to kill you. If we hadn’t argued, I wouldn’t have taken my eyes of the road and this wouldn’t have happened!” Elsa tried to regain her calm and assessed the situation. Her precious metal baby was still intact and no tree was hit. Thank goodness.

Anna had taken her hands back and was leaning against the car. With the wind whipping at her red locks and her arms crossing, she scowled at the endless road before them. “Can you get us out of here?” No reply. “Elsa?”

“We have a flat tire.” Whatever her car ran over had completely destroyed the rubber.


Elsa rolled her eyes. “Luckily I have a spare one and the jack. Now if you could please help me get these out.” She said and opened the trunk.

“Fine,” Anna bit out, giving a mocking salute.

Elsa missed it as she already crouched next to the flat tire. She placed the jack under the car and began turning the handle.

Anna was back looking at the road when a loud crunch broke out and the car dropped heavily back onto the ground. She immediately whirled around, almost jumping over the car. Despite having a few arguments here and there, Anna didn’t dislike the blonde. It was just something about Elsa that made her blood boil and her nerves unravel. She decided to channel those feelings in their bickering.

“Elsa! Are you okay?”

Standing away from the flat tire, which was still attached to the car, Elsa looked astonished. “It broke!” She exclaimed and pointed at the jack lying broken under the car. “It was brand new!”

Seeing that the blonde was unharmed, Anna sighed heavily. She took out her phone to call for help but Lady Luck was not on their side today. There was no reception.

“Now what?”

Elsa lowered her head and began to think. She surveyed around and saw that there were some big rocks and a few tree trunks within the forest. A crazy idea formed in her head. She glanced at Anna and received a questioning look back.

“Okay, can I just, say something crazy?” Elsa began apprehensively. She didn’t want to go through the wrath of the other girl again but there was no other choice.

“I love crazy,” Anna replied sarcastically.

“I mean it’s crazy…”


“Could you at least let me finish my sentence?” Elsa grumbled and pointed toward the forest. “I think I can lift the car long enough to change the tire, using those rocks and the fallen tree trunks. But… I need your help. It will involve a bit of hard work.”

Anna was staring at Elsa as if she had been told that they were involved in an incestuous relationship and the blonde had magical power.

“You need me.” Without looking, Elsa could hear the smugness in her voice. “I’ll help you since I am such a nice person.”

“A saint.” Elsa retorted back, deciding to humour Anna. She also tried really hard not to enjoy the smile on the other girl but eventually, she ended up laughing at their banter.

Together they walked side-by-side toward the forest while Elsa explaining her plan. By using the biggest rocks and tree trunk they could find, Elsa hoped to create a seesaw. One end would go under the car while the other would be piled up with rocks until the car was lifted. Anna thought the idea was genius and crazy at the same time.

Elsa and Anna spent the next hour working together. They were chatting and having fun doing so. And for the first time in forever, they didn’t feel like tearing each other’s head off or filling the atmosphere with so much sexual tension, unknowingly, that their friends could barely handle being around them.

The sun was shining brightly on the sky. Occasionally a breeze would pass by and relieve the heat of summer.

The weather was unbearable for Elsa and she decided to change into something more comfortable. She took out her duffel bag in the trunk, discarded her shirt into the bag and was in the process of pulling off her jeans when a sharp intake of air distracted her.

Blood rushed to Anna’s face, her eyes downcast. “Wha… What are you doing!” She stuttered.

“Changing,” was Elsa’s curt reply. She pulled down her jeans and took out a pair of joggers and a tank top.

“Can’t you change inside the car?”

“This is faster. Just cover your eyes or something.” Elsa continued, not bother to look at the other girl.

Instead of replying, Anna ignored the blonde and went back to her work. Occasionally she would sneak a glance or two or three, in case something might happen to the other girl while changing… At least that was what she convinced herself.

Anna’s breath caught the instant she saw Elsa lifting the rocks and started putting the seesaw together. Her bare arms were firm and muscle was toned, her back straight, her thighs lithe, and her face full of determination and concentration. Her body shone under the afternoon sun.

Anna couldn’t turn away.

“Help please. It’s not easy as it looks.” Elsa’s lips curved up into a smirk and she winked at her. “Then you can look all you want later.”

Anna had no idea Elsa could flirt and decided to play along. She kept staring until the other girl started fidgeting and a hint of blush could be seen on her face. Anna, then, showed mercy and began putting her strength into use. Her body at work was also admired greatly by Elsa. She had lean muscles of her own and the way her tank top rising above her midriff was teasing Elsa to no end. A bead of sweat trickled down to the valley between her breasts didn’t escape the blonde’s intense gawking.

Soon, with careful placement and a lot of patience, they managed to lift the car high enough for Elsa to change the tire. The blonde double-checked everything before dropping the car back down. Immediately she was grabbed by her collar and pulled into a heated kiss.

They pressed against each other, body to body, hands and lips exploring everywhere, Anna’s heart matching the frantic beats of her own.

A car chose that moment to drive by, honking merrily. The blaring noise caused them to separate in surprise. Elsa was sure she heard Eugene’s cheering and Kristoff’s congrats. She was glaring at the car until Anna cupped her cheek and forced her to meet Anna’s eyes.

Oh Gods… Anna was beautiful like this, cheeks flushing, heavy breathing, and eyes filled with so much desire. Elsa smiled and pulled Anna into a kiss. It was gentle, chaste, like how their first kiss should have been.

When they pulled away, they started laughing at their situation. At themselves for being such idiots. Later, Elsa and Anna continued their journey with hands tightly clasped between them.

This road trip is starting to look much better.

Note: The story was inspired by Luckily Prepared - Freestylesmile


Atlanta’s Hidden Tiny Doors Big Surprise Around City

As Atlanta was getting a brief respite from the rain on a Saturday afternoon in April, a small group was gathering on the BeltLine for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This wasn’t for a new business or one of those fancy new mixed-use developments, these folks were gathered behind Paris on Ponce for something much smaller … something tiny.



So far my little city of Hazard, KY has had 7 little magical creatures place their homes through out the city. These cute little house are like a little scavenger hunt. Some are easy to find others you have to really look for them. There are more to come. I will post as they appear. 

Have y’all see these Tiny Doors? Pretty cool! Why is there an alien creature standing by this one with a tiny kitten? I don’t know. Much like the Tiny Doors series, this Alien Guy With Kitten defies logic. TinyDoorsATL is a project started by two apparently awesome people named Karen and Sarah. You can read more about their project at tinydoorsatl.com, and you can see THIS door along the Freedom Parkway bike path, just across the street from the aforementioned Carter Center. If it’s nice some afternoon soon you really should take a walk along there—it’s one of the prettiest places around, and this little door only adds to the charm. You should follow TinyDoorsATL on your social media platform of choice and seek out the rest of the series! I definitely plan to. Stay awesome, little door!
(at Freedom Parkway Atlanta)

Broken World Fest Schedule

(times are approximate and subject to change):

11:00 I Kill Giants
10:15 Sorority Noise
9:30 Glocca Morra
9:00 Rozwell Kid
8:30 Posture & The Grizzly
8:00 Told Slant
7:30 Patch Kit
7:00 People Like You
6:30 Trashlord
6:00 Nouns
5:30 Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold

11:00 TWIABP
10:30 Old Gray
9:50 Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
9:00 Joie De Vivre
8:30 Deer Leap
8:00 Makeshift Shelters
7:30 Brightside
7:00 Soda Bomb
6:30 For Everest
6:00 Take One Car
5:30 Zebras & Bulls Fight Tonight!
5:00 John Galm
4:30 All People
4:00 Spit-Take
3:30 Tiny Fractures

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

ALSO! There are quite a few people selling passes on the facebook event for those looking.


This is going to be a sick gig. Thank you all so much!

Long lost updates! It is spring and it’s still snowing, but over the next few days we’ll post our final pictures before our move in December. We have lived in our little abode for over 4 months now and although it is still a bit of a construction zone we love it. Here, we’ve finished our last bit of exterior siding with old floorboards and are getting ready to frame doors.

Dream #9: NYC

i go to nyc to visit my friend nick but somehow wind up in an apartment in queens where a former friend from high school lives with a friend of hers that i never liked. they watch tv. i keep telling them that nick put me on the subway with no directions and now i can’t get him on the phone. i’m not supposed to be here, i tell them. i want to be in the city, walking around. i feel an overwhelming horror at being kept inside. claustrophobia. they’re eating and eating and watching tv. they don’t care. they’re not leaving. they won’t help me. finally i get nick on the phone, he’s really fucked up on drugs and is hardly coherent, but manages to give me directions back to his apartment. before i leave the apartment of my former friend, i notice my engagement ring is missing. i dig in a deep, white duvet on a pullout sofa in the living room until i find it. “i never wear this,” i tell her, “i wonder why i brought it here.”

at nick’s apartment, he is drunk and high and keeps trying to fall asleep, i am shaking his arm telling him i have to go outside. i can’t waste this whole trip just staying inside various apartments. i convince him to at least come outside for a cigarette. i walk up a staircase in the middle of the living room to a tiny door by the top of the ceiling. i notice nick isn’t following me. i look down at him, “aren’t you coming?” i say. “that’s not the way out, this is,” says nick and points to an obvious, big door at ground level, “i’ve never gone up those stairs before. no one knows what’s beyond that little door.”