Game Spaces, Or Lack Thereof

It goes without saying that when you’re into video games, there’s a good chance you’ll end up owning an ample amount of hardware and software. So possessing a bonafide library/collection often leads to, at the very least, thoughts regarding set-ups that best accommodates said interest.

For some, such organizing can become an obsession, especially for those of us who live in NYC or some place similar. Because the big city often means a tiny apartment, we thusly need to maximize every single square inch for pretty much everything, not just playing video games.

Does that mean I dream of living in a huge ass house, filled to the brim with every single system, along with every single game that came out for it? Far from it. Aside from the fact that making do with what little space can keep one’s spending habits in check, it can also keep one’s tastes in check as well.

Less is more, plus modest set-ups are just plain cute and awesome. K, maybe the above are not the best of examples, yet they still illustrate the over the top indulgence that is transporting the arcade experience home, in a fairly diminutive/restraint fashion. Even that last pic (am also be a fan of clutter at times). Here’s a few more…

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Tiny little Demoman who calls his prosthesis his “robot arm” and insists that he’s a cyborg and will lead the machine revolution

Tiny little Birdie and his slingshot that’s always being taken away from him because he keeps shooting his peers

Tiny little chain twins who are always covered in paint from art time, even if they didn’t use paint during art time

Tiny little Manly with his scrawny little baby arms insisting that he’s super buff and strong like He-Man

Tiny little Girlie who brings one of her princesses for show and tell every day and they’re all different but she’s the only one who can tell them apart

Tiny little Pillman who keeps begging to go play Dodgeball with the daycare across the road but cries when one of his friends gets ‘out’

I need to change something in my life....

Cause the way things are going right now I don’t see anything getting any better. I’m sick of this town. In sick of working hard and getting nothing out of it. I’m sick of living a life without gratitude and satisfaction. Im tired of living in a place where a tiny one bedroom apartment costs on average $1300 a month….I’m sick of feeling like I’m static… Stationary in a life that was meant to be in full motion by now.

Time to analyze my life and finally start thinking about myself. If they can’t get their shit together then I’ll get my shit together and start living my life the way I want to in a new place with a new outlook on my life.

Three Weeks Ago: Remnants of roach infestation, tiny apartment in a dangerous neighborhood, hated job, two hours of life wasted on commute per day, only parent entire country away, gf entire ocean away

Today: Pristine apartment, quiet/trans friendly/safe neighborhood, recruited to art-heavy team, ten minute work commute, parent moving back into town, beautiful new facilities, incredible vacation with gf coming up fast, regularly drawing AT HOME again



Apartments So Small They Can Only Be Photographed From Above

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Seven million people living in 423 square miles. The local government makes no attempt to hide this fact, noting the superlative on a fact-sheet (PDF). Although 49 percent of the city’s residents live in public or subsidized housing, the city has rents 35 percent higher than New York City. The Chinese city’s government has gone so far as to enact new taxes on investment in real estate to try to slow the rise in home prices, which now stand at nearly $1,300 a square foot.

No doubt, the throngs of bankers and mercantilists have comfortable accomodations. But according to the Society for Community Organization, 100,000 of the city’s laborers live in sub-divided apartment units averaging 40 square feet. The Hong Kong based advocacy organization commissioned and released these photographs, depicting the living conditions inside these apartments from the only vantage point able to capture the entire unit—directly above.


wait…just wait a second here. THIS woman’s apartment is SO SO freaking tiny…and I thought IIIIIIIIII lived in a small apartment…SHE lives in 90 square feet…

(this is what youtube does to you…you start off watching something like “mystery diagnosis” and you end up watching clips about tiny apartments)


This tiny apartment in Paris is only 86 square feet but has cleverly packed away everything a minimalist needs to live in a beautiful, clean space. Check out this video of the interior in use.

Personally, I’d do away with the plant graphic on the cabinet doors as I think this makes the wall of storage advance, making the space too claustrophobic. I’d also make use of the high walls for hanging storage. But I love the clean lines and calm, gray tones.

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sooo is there a cute story behind how Beth and Daryl met in Tiny-Apartment verse? or do we just use our imaginations? :)


There was a long list of places Daryl Dixon would never have expected to find himself at and a daycare center was definitely on that list, although granted maybe not right at the top. Still, it wasn’t exactly the sort of place he’d have any reason to be at; or at least it wouldn’t have been a couple years ago, before he’d settled down and made friends with a sheriff of all people.

It had been Rick who’d offered him the room above his garage to stay at instead of a dingy motel room, and Rick who’d helped him get a job at the local auto shop, not to mention Rick who had pretty much ensured he didn’t end up in jail like his big brother had. So it was the least he could do to take Rick and his wife Lori’s little girl Judy to her daycare this morning, after Rick had gotten called into the police station early and Lori wasn’t feeling well.

That was how he ended up walking up the sidewalk to a neat little brick building with his rough, work-worn hand curled around the tiny hand of a little blonde-haired toddler. 

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I love this expertly designed 75-square-foot apartment near the Pantheon in Rome, designed by Marco Pierazzi. I came across this snug sophistication on this Treehugger article. 

Treehugger makes a great point about tiny-space living: your environs become your living room, dining room, and garden, plus you’ll have the money to enjoy the neighborhood without keeping up a hulk of a home. Living near the Pantheon has it ALL in my opinion. Apparently it’s also close to the Tiber River. You can actually stay in the apartment while in the ancient city.

Solangelo Headcanons
  • Nico’s hand is warmer than Will’s
  • They both love stargazing
  • They live together in a tiny apartment after a few years 
  • They argue about the thermostat 
  • Nico likes it cold
  • Will likes it warm
  • Same in the shower ;)
  • Both wear sunglasses all the time
  • They both have wavy, long hair
  • Will is the only reason why Nico goes to the barber
  • They go to the barber together
  • They try not to laugh when they see the result
  • They exchanged clothes one day
  • Nico’s shirt was more comfortable than it looked like
  • Nico questions orange
  • “It’s okay. You look great!”
  • “I just don’t think orange is my color.”
  • Will’s a morning person while Nico’s a night person
  • They annoy each other almost everyday
  • They prefer afternoon, when they’re together
  • Nico steals Will’s sweaters
  • Will borrows Nico’s jacket