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Can I ask you something? Do you have any idea what time period Tintin is supposed to take place in? I hear the Thirties for the comics at least, but what about the 2011 movie? I assume it would take place at least a little bit later, as there are mentions of Interpol (which wasn't called "Interpol" until the 50's)?

This is an interesting thing to answer…

The time period of the albums took place in the time they were made.

For example, the album "The Black Island". It was made between 1937-1938, so, the story happend in this period, and the same to the other albums. But there are some albums they were re-published and some things had to be remade, like the model of the cars and etc.

Now, about the movie: The three albums that compose the movie were made between 1940-1943, so, we can suppose that the story happened in this time.

About the Interpol thing, according to my researches (I’m feeling a detective now HAHAHA), the first time the name Interpol was used, was in 1946. So, we can suppose the movie happened in this period until 1950, or perhaps later. This is what I think about the movie :)

Hope it helps! =D

Well my fellow Tintin fans, it’s that time of the year again where we hold our secret santa gift exchange. This year, I got the lovely Miss Sali. She is an phenomenal artist who I an so blown away with her water color skills. And she has drawn such adorable little sketches ranging from Kid Tintin, Cowboy Flapjack, and Sherman with a blow torch!  Now this Christmas she asked for something with Tintin, Captain Haddock, and Chang. Well I got 2 out of the three characters on her list ( But I gave her Haddock’s sweater, and some mittens and a beanie to keep her warm)

Hope you like this Sali and have a very Merry Christmas and I hope Rastapopoulos does not steal this!

My Tintin Secret Santa gift for majorabbey! Her favorite Tintin album is Cigars of the Pharaoh, so this is my li’l homage to that particular adventure. n_n (click for full view/better quality)

Abbey, you’re just awesome. You were one of my first mutuals and you’re great to talk to; I love hearing all your insightful opinions and your unrelenting defense of your favorite characters when they don’t get the love they deserve! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

And to the rest of the Tintin Fandom, I love you guys and I wish I had the time/skill/etc. required to make something for all y’all! But alas, I am only human. So I’ll just say Very Happy Holidays to everyone! (…and keep a close eye on your Tintin merchandise, I hear Rastapopoulos is up to his old tricks…)