if you ever want to see your copy of atlantis again

i want a video of you saying

“adam robertson is the most handsome boy on this earth, and so smart too!”

doctorbrainprofessor replied to your post: Not to play a “BEING AN ALLY IS HAAAARD” card…

sometimes its better to just like try to make it clear that youre repeating things that the affected group has said about themselves???

that makes a lot of sense and suddenly criticism of the hank green video is more understandable because positioning it as educational without immediately expressing something like that can totally give a “let the white guy tell you what’s up” angle

i will make a point to do that in the future thank you bobie <3

tinselmoms replied to your post: Not to play a “BEING AN ALLY IS HAAAARD” card…

speaking up is fine as long as you make it clear that what you know is a result of your experience interacting with people who do experience what it is you’re talking about!! i mean i made a post about otherkin the other day and my otherkin friends

tinselmoms replied to your post: Not to play a “BEING AN ALLY IS HAAAARD” card…

liked it and told me it was good because i specifically tried to make it clear that i personally could not understand it and that i did not have the explicit authority to speak about it

from what i can gather, the important task of an ally is to be part of the discussion but not to dominate it 

  1. always make your personal biases or privileges clear
  2. make clear that it’s not about you because you can’t fully understand

it seems like if people stick to those two then they’re doing pretty good!

thank you oly <3

anonymous asked:

I got non-sexual. What exactly does that mean?

Uhm I am not sure if I am super comfy with telling you what your sexuality is but I will give it a go 

It probably means that you don’t feel sexual attraction towards people. (meaning you probably don’t really feel like doing the sexy times all that often) But as with almost everything in the sexuality department it’s a spectrum (a like 6 dimensional confusing as heck spectrum but you get the picture) and you may sometimes feel like having sex or may hardly ever. You may still have a libido but no real urge to actually go at it.  

And then there is still romantic attraction and that is a completely different issue that you kinda have to figure out on your own (same with sexual attraction I’m just going off what the little thing you told me is)

And also it’s just a silly test thing you don’t need to take it too seriously if you don’t feel like it matches you then whatever.

Also like I said I am not really comfortable defining someone else’s sexuality nor with my own understanding of it all so I am going to tag some people I think might be a bit more and see if they have anything they think should be added because I don’t want to somehow lead you down the wrong path but don’t want to leave you hangin’