15 things that make me happy tag

thanks adozenofdonuts for tagging me! i have to list 15 things that make me happy so here it goes:

1) puppies/dogs
2) drinking tea & coffee—i like how it relaxes me
3) FREE stuff—cuz i mean, come on, who doesn’t love free stuff
4) listening to music that i enjoy
5) getting absorbed in a book so much that i can’t put it down and i lose track of time
6) seeing other people happy makes me happy
7) watching a good movie—with someone/people who appreciate it as much as i do makes it even better
8) taking a shower after working out
9) home-cooked meals
10) random acts of kindness
11) drinking a cold glass of water when you’re really thirsty
12) when your class gets cancelled
13) waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep
14) God’s love
15) deep conversations

i tag: theboyiswild, tinasweetheart, berrybluecupcakes & pureblyss! :3



I wish you the best and always stay happy. Just know that I’ll always be there for you no matter what. Have an awesome birthday and smile! You deserve the best cause you’re a really great friend and person! :) Stay the way you are cause you’re amazing, and also I’ll give you Jay for a day ;D 

- Your Bestie Annie :)

15 things that make me happy

the lovely quiet-spirit tagged me so here it goes :) these arent really in any particular order just saying ^^

  1. having a family/home to come home to
  2. KPOP & KDRAMASS, nuff said
  3. my boyfriend’s stupidity (sarcasm if yall cant tell)
  4. my dog <3
  5. being able to make money to buy the shitz i want
  6. BOBA, yum <3
  7. a nice, warm cup of hot green tea
  8. people randomly smiling at me or hugging me
  9. my parents’ cute bickering
  10. shopping, i mean, duhhhh, it’s one of my fav thing to do!
  11. playing the dress up game, so i can find out which outfits i should wear next LOL
  12. when people shows me they truly cares not just want to used me
  13. sleeping in on the weekends are everything to my tired body
  14. when my bf calls me “midget” it is literally the cutest & funniest thing, i dont quite like it when others call me this but i made my bf an exception cuz he makes it sounds cute & soothing to the ears LOL
  15. days where i dont have to set ANY alarm at all, i wish everyday is like that ;~;

idk who exactly to tag but whoever ended reading all of that up there & hasnt done this yet then go ahead, i tagged you ^____^ <3