Gearing up for the Tinahely Challenge

Gearing up for the Tinahely Challenge

TCP committee members, Lorraine Gillick and Tina Christiansen, on Mangans Hill, part of the Challenge route

The village of Tinahely is gearing up for a major sporting event with competitors from all over the country set to take the hills around the village for the Tinahely Challenge on September 13. Set against the backdrop of the rugged hills around Tinahely, the Challenge is an event for…

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Hi all, I hope you’ve enjoyed the films I’ve been posting the last few days. Here’s a bit of background on the project and how the films were put together.

Behind the Scenes at PURE Wicked 2012

A glimpse at the animation process and a little bit of Tinahely too!

These films are the product of this year’s PURE Wicked Animation Film School, which took place during July in Tinahely Co. Wicklow. We had about 30 students over the two week period, and working together in groups of 5-7 they made the four films, using recycled materials and bits of rubbish.

The workshop was organised with the Tinahely Courthouse and the PURE Project, and made with the assistance of Pádraig FaganCarol Freeman and the musical stylings of Chris McLoughlin.

Here are a number of photos documenting some of the process and materials used:

Carol Freeman brainstorming with team Super Hog

The Rumble Outside the Jungle team brainstorming with Pádraig Fagan

Donncha and Keadi Adams with Adam Maher, working on the finer points of Rumble Outside the Jungle

Cerys MacAllister, Ellen Walsh, Sadhbh Wilcoxson and Jacob Moran-Braswell developing Super Hog

Conor Ryan working on storyboards for Bog Standard

Some of the Super Hog storyboards

Examples from the storyboards for Rumble Outside the Jungle

Prop design by Conor Ryan for Bog Standard's JCB

Rainbow prop by Cerys MacAllister for Super Hog

A character design for Bog Standard's Celtic Warrior, complete with tattoos by Dylan Cuffe

The finished character build, with shield and sword by Conor Ryan

Aoife Duffy made the Bog Zombie in Bog Standard, using some dead leaves for the perfect skin texture!

Took a whole army to make these multiple versions of the Airplane for take-off in Rumble Outside the Jungle

Super Hog confronting his opponent, animated by Jacob Moran-Braswell and Jack Gafney

Animating the money flying through the air at the land-fill opening in Bog Standard

Conor Ryan shooting a scene in Bog Standard

Rory Downes working on the laboratory scene from Dumbo Dyson

Animating a scene from Dumbo Dyson

The last scene in Rumble Outside the Jungle, with a slightly worse for wear local litterer

Joshua Hanrahan animating the Ninja in Bog Standard

The closing scene from Super Hog

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the films from this years PURE Wicked Animation Film School!

Full credits:

Facilitated by Eimhin McNamara, Pádraig Fagan and Carol Freeman

Original Music by Chris McLoughlin

Sound Mix, Compositing and Editing by Eimhin McNamara

Special Thanks to

Deryn O’Callaghan @ the Courthouse Arts Centre

Ian Davis @ the PURE Project

Jenny Sherwin @ Wicklow County Council

Vibeke Delahunt @ County Wicklow Film Commission

Many thanks to the board and the staff of the Courthouse Arts Centre in Tinahely, Co. Wicklow,

Helen and Noel O’Donnell @ Ashfield House, Deirdre Foran, Dan O’Neill and Caoimhín McCann

Family Fun in Tinahely

Even though I live only three miles from the Wicklow border, I always tend to head for Wexford attractions when we go off for a family day out. Today we went to the Railway walk in Tinahely. There is a large car park with picnic tables at the entrance. There is an information board at the entrance with an old photo of a train that used to run between Woodenbridge and Shillelagh and pass through…

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Finally in bed
But what an amazing day at #Soulfest Absolutely loved it
The sun The drinks The food
The gunja wafting through the crowd 😉😂😂
The people The dancing The music
The atmosphere
My highlights of the concert were definitely #MusiqSoulchild #D’Angelo and #Maxwell #JustAmazing and of course hanging out reminiscing and laughing with my sis @mealamu83
We even poured (well Tinah did 😆😂😂) a lil liquor for our homies who we toasted (all the family and honorary family members haha!)
Thanks @soul_fest Sydney
Definitely a concert to remember 👍👌💯✔✔✔✔

Tinah 🍄 lovely day adventuring and seeing things that were…not cool 👿😈 @christinaawad (at Barlow Residence)

African Night of Music at Beach Campus In Brighton Rocked a Good One. Cc @lisaoduor @tinah_mucheru @shqatodongo @7zamar @mumbikimanzi @kimachianator (at Grace Vineyard Beach Campus)