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Never thought the day would come where I’d see S Club 7 live but they were soooo worth the wait! Thirteen years after they split and still perfect ❤️❤️


P.S. Apologies to sophonetic and isparklelikebowie for my relentless screaming along with every word…

THE DAILY PIC (#1313): This is “Beverly, Jill and Polly”, shot in 1982 by Tina Barney and now in her first solo show with Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York. I’ve been following Barney’s photos for years, and have always been struck by the wonderful anthropologist’s eye she’s used to document America’s aristocracy. With the Kasmin show, however, and the nation’s current inequality, I’m finding her work closer to Lewis Hine’s revelations of economic injustice than to August Sander’s neutral photos of a social cross-section.

We should no longer be intrigued by the world Barney depicts; we should be disgusted and enraged by it, as we contemplate the harm that it’s doing to us all. We also need to recognize that the sale of such an artwork, in a marketplace that caters to the same oligarchs Barney shows, is a rather complicated thing. (©Tina Barney, Courtesy Paul Kasmin Gallery)

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10 People I Want to Get to Know

Name: Anthony Brent McBride

Time and Date: May 27, 2015 1:00 P.M.

Average Hours of Sleep: Ehh like 7 I think

Last Thing I Googled: Oklahoma! the Musical, I’m a dork I know

Nickname: I don’t really have any! Some people used to call me Antwon but that kind of died out. My friend calls me buttface but I consider that a term of endearment. loquacious-zombie

Birthday: January 14, 1995

Gender: Male

Height: 5’8 or something like that I’m incredibly short

Favorite Color: Yellow/green/anything that isn’t too in yo face ya feel

One Place that Makes Me Happy: My house/bed.

Favorite Movies: oh geez, there are so many. Bridesmaids, The Bridges of Madison County, Superstar, Sixteen Candles, Legally Blonde, Into the Woods, One for the Money, Up, The Breakfast Club, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Dinner for Shmucks, Baby Mama, basically anything with Amy Poehler/Tina Fey/Paul Rudd, the list goes on and on

What I’m Wearing Right Now: Oh I’m so glad you asked. A t-shirt from target and candy cane pajama pants. Happy holidays everyone. #styleicon

Last Book I Read: I’m currently reading Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.

Most Used Phrase: “Yeah!” or sometimes “Yeah?” or sometimes “Oh, yeah.”

First Word that Comes to Mind: refrigerator 

What I Last Said to a Family Member: idk i probably laughed or something.

Favorite Beverage: White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, tea, water, lol i’m  so basic

Favorite Food: I could literally eat anything in front of me, but if I had to choose one it would have to be pizza definitely.

Last Movie I Watched in Theaters: Pitch Perfect 2

Dream Vacation: I’ve already answered this somewhere, but I’d love to travel to New York in the winter, see all of the broadway shows, and ice skate on the skating rink near the Rockefeller Center with friends or family or signif other or all three <3

Dream Wedding: I really haven’t thought about it too much. I think I’d want something small and intimate.

Dream Job: I’d be super happy with anything involving theatre

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Yinae's Musings

Alright, so here’s how this will go.

I’ve decided that each month, I will breed 4 of my competitive Pokemon and do the same thing I’m currently doing for this current Giveaway.

But here’s the catch: You all have to pick the pack that will be that month’s Shiny Giveaway mons.

You all can pick one pack from the following 5 packs to be next month’s Breed & Shinify Giveaway.

Pack 1: Chattles (Chatot), Flaky (Chesnaught), Kristoph (Serperior), Shaolin (Medicham)

Pack 2: Virus (Rotom), GLaDOS (Porygon-Z), Flufflepuff (Whimsicott), Juubey (Meowstic)

Pack 3: Mars (Blaziken), Tiny Tina (Dragonite), Pauling (Pangoro), Slippy (Goodra)

Pack 4: Taiko (Espeon), Rose Quartz (Gorebyss), Aloe (Venusaur), Itazura (Klefki)

Pack 5: Bonnie (Azumarill), Velocity (Talonflame), Justice (Braviary), Spyro (Charizard)

Voting will end on the 29 of this month, so get to voting on who you all want to be next month’s Giveaway mons!!

15 to Die for Anime Tattoos
  1. This crystal lotus straight from Sailor Moon by Kim Scott (@kimmykitty347)

  2. Sonic and Pokémon knuckle tattoos with suburb color packing by Bryon Slim B Bell (@slimbtatts)

  3. A feminine No-Face cameo by Holly Marie (@hollarie)

  4. A watercolor take on Luna from Sailor Moon by Lex Tatuadora (@lex_15tattoo)

  5. Bulbasaur on the ribs by Josh Briers (@tmnt_josh)

  6. A sleepy little Totoro halfsleeve by Sam Tyson (@samtysontattoos)

  7. This Krillin piece that literally jumps off the skin by Erika McKibben (@erikamckibbenart)

  8. An epic rendition of Spirited Away by Emma S (@emma_sailor)

  9. Luna looking daper as ever by Juninho (@juninhotattoosp)

  10. This Magikarp piece by Max Holdsworth (@maxhtattoo)

  11. A headturning Totoro skull tattoo by Sam Tyson (@samtysontattoos)

  12. Tiny Tina from Borderlands by Paul Vander-Johnson (@paulvanderjohnson)

  13. A realistic approach to Princess Mononoke by Sarah Miller (@sarahmillertattoo)

  14. Kiki and Jiji on the outer bicep by Scott Bakoss (@scottbakoss)

  15. This colorful Naturo sleeve by Nicklas Wong (@tattoosbynicklaswongk)

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Tour Sneak Peek: Cardiff- Paul’s Acoustic Solo Reach + Tina tells a cute story about the first 4 members of the band at her house in 1998.

The first 4 members of the band were Tina, Hannah, Jon & Paul. In London, she mentioned that they visited her home in Hammersmith. I never knew this stuff!!

Admission Movie Review

Rating: 4/5 stars Title: Admission Year: 2013 Director: Paul Weitz Writer: Karen Croner Novel by: Jean Hanff Korelitz (some of the) Cast: Tina Fey Paul Rudd Nat Wolff Storyline: The story of getting admitted into an Ivy League institution, like Princeton . Characters: The characters in this movie are quite emotional (even if they do not realise it). Most of the things that happen are actually…

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