"We’d watch a movie, probably 27 Dresses, then we’d walk along the beach at low tide and find a cozy place to sit in the kelp and kiss.

I heard every word, Tina. That’s the same date I wanted, too. Except that movie — I’ve seen it three times. So, that’s 81 dresses total.

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I'm watching Miranda (english sitcom) and I've just realised how she and Gary are like an older version of Tina and Jimmy! She's awkward as hell, and Gary cooks in a restaurant and he dances well! It might not be much but yeah :')

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!! I absolutely adore Miranda and I said this exact same thing to a friend before! Tina and Jimmy Junior could totally be like Miranda and Gary when they’re older! :’D

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Do you have any ships in the show? I like Louise and Logan and Tina and Josh


Okay — Tina and Jimmy Junior (because honestly how can you not just LOVE those two adorable idiots), Bob and Linda (perfectly married, perfectly wonderful)

and I do…sort of…ship Louise and Logan which I feel super uncomfortable about because she’s NINE and I don’t feel comfortable shipping her with ANYONE so I just ship them as friends and THAT’S IT.

(and fine yes, okay, I did ship Tina and Josh in Two for Tina but that was ONE episode and looking at the series as a whole there is NO ONE for Tina but Jimmy Junior.)


scottishhero replied to your post “Do you have any ships in the show? I like Louise and Logan and Tina and Josh”

I feel like Jimmy Junior kinda treats Tina really badly most of the time though? At least Josh seemed to genuinely be into her.

there’s a far more thorough explanation of my Tina/Jimmy Junior and Tina/Josh thoughts here (x)

I do agree that Jimmy Junior certainly seems to be mostly lukewarm towards Tina in the majority of their episodes — but overall, I love the direction their relationship arc takes and can’t wait to see what will happen in s5 (though I admit, my answer might be different if we had more Josh episodes).


So I’ve kinda been avoiding these (considering I can’t draw people kissing to save my life.) However, I started doodling to work on my profiles, and this is what came out of it. At first I wasn’t too proud of it to post as it’s own thing, but now I kinda think better of it??? I dunno aha



Things I want to see in Season 5:
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior kiss a third time
  • flashback to when Bob and Linda first meet
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior hug
  • Jessica from Slumber Party returns
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior hold hands
  • Mr. Goiter’s head in Tina’s room
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior kiss a fourth time
  • Speed Racer reference in Speakeasy Rider (or any other episode)
  • Jimmy Junior’s room
  • more Regular-sized Rudy
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior dance together
  • Tina and Zeke become friends in Midday Run
  • Mrs. Pesto
  • Maybe an Odessa Steps parody so all the times I had to watch Battleship Potemkin in school don’t seem like a waste?
  • A Tunnel of Love ride to replace the carousel at Wonder Wharf
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior ride the Tunnel of Love that replaces the carousel at Wonder Wharf
  • I’ll think of more later probably

amphigoryglory tagged me to post 15 things that make me happy:

  1. when I call library patrons to tell them that the books they put on hold have come in and they get really excited.
  2. Kermit the Frog riding a bike
  3. Kevin Carson favorited my tweet just now
  4. babies wearing glasses
  5. Jimmy vs. Tina Weekend Update Joke-offs
  6. finding out that the restaurant I’m at serves Big Red
  7. when I substitute at the preschool and the kids fight to play with me at recess.
  8. when sitcoms tie up the seemingly unrelated A, B, and C stories into a totally connected ending.
  9. green Mario
  10. Tuesday: pizza night.
  11. books that are so bitingly and sharply funny at every turn that I have to put it down and stare at the wall for a minute
  12. when my mom tries to make jokes
  13. songs with really kinetic basslines
  14. getting the right Tetris pieces right when you need them
  15. little acts of lazy defiance, like when things tell you to tag other people but instead, you don’t.