Quick Rundown of Things Tina Said Tonight
  • Mean Girls: The Musical is definitely in the works, but still a few years away.
  • If Tina Fey had to be a sandwich topping, she’d be crunched up Herr’s potato chips. 
  • If the opportunity presented itself, Tina said she wouldn’t be opposed to a Parks and Recreation guest spot.
  • One of the first times Tina hung out with Jeff, he mentioned before leaving that he had to go home to take off his “toupe*.
  • Apparently once on set, Alice taught Elaine Stritch and Patti LuPone a song.
  • She mentioned that The Nest will definitely be rated R. 
  • Maya Rudolph is one of the funniest people she knows.
  • Tina showed up to the party she and Amy hosted after the Golden Globes wearing jeans and sneakers, and then left early because she was tired. 
  • After seven seasons of 30 Rock and actually knowing people with that last name, Mama Fey still cannot pronounce Donaghy.
  • Tina takes Alice to the annual musical theater productions at the local high school in NYC.
  • Tina said she has no plans of writing a second book as of now because it took her 40 years to write the first one.

There was a lot, but these are some main points I thought people would find interesting. She had a lot of insightful things to say about Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, Upper Darby Summer Stage, Second City, Amy Poehler, and more. The whole thing was incredible. I’m still reeling.

RPers and tag lurkers alike, I've got two big announcements.
  1. After realization of the amount of taken characters we have, I have decided to add 5 new families! They will consist of Jesse/Harmony, Hunter/Sugar, Mike/TinaNick/Jeff, Dani/OC, and Beth/OC! Names, FCs, and ages have already been pre-determined (which you will be able to check out under the cut), but as always, if you think another FC would be a better fit, you are more than welcome to ask to change it. Add-ons will also be available for these families, but only for the first acceptance of these families, which will be Sunday, August 10th!
  2. For the players that are already in the RP, I will now also be accepting second characters! They can either be a child or parent, although I ask that you only pick up a second character if you’re confident that you can handle steady activity on both. If you are unable to maintain two characters, I will ask that you drop one of them.

I believe that’s all I have to say, so happy roleplaying!


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