ok so what if like four years later

Rachel has her hit tv show and Mercedes has a number 1 album and Santana is a publicist for a mess of fabulous stars and Brittany is a much sought after dancer and Mike Chang is a renowned ballerino and Blaine is America’s Gay Sweetheart and Kurt is a Broadway star and and and

Tina has a degree from Brown in English with a minor in musical theater.

 She’s been looking for work and auditioning on the side, but journalism is a dying industry and in theater she’s always turned down as not “right for the part”.  All her friends are famous now, which doesn’t help with her career as much as she thought it would, so she starts a celebrity gossip blog as something to do on the side.  She does an exclusive interview with Blaine, shares funny stories about their Glee Club high school days, writes an articles on Rachel’s charity events, helps promote Kurt’s fashion line that he’s designing between shows, etc etc.  She starts to accumulate a bunch of followers— people love Tina’s quirky, fun writing style and love the “inside knowledge” that she brings by knowing all these famous people.

But gradually Tina lets stuff slip.  She’s invited to celebrity events as Blaine’s date when Kurt can’t make it, etc, and Tina, being the quiet girl in the background and notorious gossip that she is, hears little tidbits about other celebrities’ lives that they let slip— innocuous silly stuff at first, that nonetheless her readers eat up— but eventually she gets better acquainted with some of the other celebrities and they let bigger stuff slip and she probably shouldn’t write about it but hell this is her job now and her fans are curious

not sure where I’m going with this but basically Tina builds a celebrity gossip empire and gets the big scoop on all the most shocking scandals, etc.


Requested: Blame It On The Alcohol.