can someone please gif this (the straddling)

Dear anxiety,

Today was a really good day despite your insistence on running the first half of it.

Thank you for leaving when I decided to crack open my bible before class instead of worry about the quiz I was prepared for.

Thank you for dissipating as I hit that 38-mile stretch on the way to the college fair today. I know you were pissed that I was actually getting a bit excited about representing my school to a ton of high school students for the first time.

I know you were reeeeally pissed when I decided to strut my stuff even though I wasn’t dressed as well as the representatives from all the big-name schools. You nearly had me when I saw that, too.

But you didn’t get me today, anxiety. Even though I didn’t get any leads, even though the hour and a half drive back was completely in the dark, I wasn’t yours today. I did something new, and I did the best I knew how, and I’m tired after a long day and ready to sleep and completely and utterly content with myself.

So buggar off until tomorrow.

Glad we had this talk.