Title: Hacktivist [EP]
Artist: Hacktivist
RPM: 33
Specifics: Signed LP Cover, 1x 180g heavyweight doublesided white vinyl

Hacktivist exploded onto the scene and armed with just an EP got to tout with Enter Shikari, play Download festival and even manage to do a small headline tour. Its safe to say their addictive mix of hip hop and hard metal (djent if you will) has been well recieved. They even got away with releasing a cover of Jay-Z and Kanye Wests ‘Niggas in Paris’ and releasing it for free download. The EP itself is full of amazing tracks, not one is a miss for me, the intro (New Age) is superbly atmospheric and songs like Blades are just pieces of great writing.
Side 2 of the record is bonus tracks, featuring their amazing single ‘Elevate’ and a Shikari Sound System remix of it.
Highly recommended.