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Addressing what Emil (homesteadilee) asked about people leaving and coming back having had a lot more time pass for them I thought I'd give my input since we've had this happen. We have members that come and go, from our innerworld and related realms back to their homeworlds and realms. And while it may be July 8th out here, dating systems and time itself work differently wherever we go in other realms and in traveling to different places with different time-systems, so to speak, aging will be different too. I hope that made some kind of sense. - Rafael

Craig Charles Rock Star

So I heard somewhere that the little rock ditty that Kryten grooves to when he’s developing photos in Timeslides, was actually a song by Craig Charles’s band. Is there any truth to this? I always just assumed it was something that Howard had whipped up for the episode.

I love Kryten’s dancing in this scene. Bobby’s got mad moves.

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Hey everyone, Mods and Followers alike. I was wondering if I could ask about any other age-sliders out there. Normally I slide seamlessly through my younger and teen years... I rarely ever visit 20-24 which seems the oldest I can get. It seems when I do visit it, I get a whole ton of memories that I didn't have when I was younger. I don't know, it's been a long time since I've been this old and it feels really weird. I was wondering about anyone else's experiences. -Tiny

I’m an ageslider as well, although in my case, it’s more tied with worldsliding. But yes, I’ve noticed the same thing.

It might be that your agesliding is a type of timesliding. Rather than having your body age, you also move forward through time, and get the memories that come along with aging.
—Balder (Magneton)