We are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled tumblr post to bring your attention to one of our partners, Roomsurfer.  They are P2P room-for-rent site with an edge on the competition.  They are based in Berlin.  Check ‘em out and let us know what you think.  Our summary on the company will be coming shortly.  




trip4real OUT!

During this spell of sunny weather we have been enjoying the refreshing taste of a variety of herbal teas. It is a pleasure to choose a pretty china mug or favourite cup and saucer, pour boiling water over the teabag or infuser and watch as it steeps – some experts suggest that it takes at least ten minutes to bring out the healthful properties of a herbal tea.

Many people believe that there are health benefits to be gained by drinking herbal teas; drinking peppermint tea is often cited as an aid to digestion and camomile tea is thought to have a gentle calming effect.

Why not have a go at making a fresh ginger tea of your own? Simply simmer a piece of ginger root on the stove for 10 to 15 minutes then add fresh lemon juice and honey. Delicious!

Why not make the whole experience even more delicious by listening to the beautiful single, Ginger Tea - by Abimaro and the Free - as you brew your tea. Dreamy!


Love…Light…liberty x

We all know how hard it is to find a few minutes for yourself with all the stresses that life can bring but at Living in Light we like to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle and this Tuesday we want to encourage you to take a timeout and go for a walk, short or long - it doesn’t matter - just walking alone allows you to exercise your body and mind. So if you can, do find some time to go get some fresh air! x

Love…Light…Liberty x

This Tuesday we have a delicious salad recipe for you to try! Artichoke and olive tuna salad! Very quick to prepare and very low in calories and inexpensive whilst still wonderfully tasty!


1 can of tuna

1 cup of chopped canned artichoke hearts

1/2 cup of chopped olives

1/3 cup of low fat mayonnaise 

2 teaspoons of lemon juice


Simply combine all of the ingredients in to a bowl and mix together then serve on a bed of lettuce, add tomato for extra flavor or even a french stick of bread for a more filling lunch! Enjoy!

Love…Light…Liberty x

Have you tried using nail wraps yet? They are a quick and easy way to brighten up your nails and we all know how having pretty hands always cheers us up! 

You just need to clean the polish off your nails, peel off a nail wrap, apply it to your naila and smooth it. Fold any excess under your nail and file  gently until the excess is removed. You may wish to apply a clear top coat for a longer lasting effect.

There is a fantastic array of colours and patterns for you to choose from  - we really like these pretty Ted Baker floral wraps.

Love…Light…Liberty x

This Tuesday we want to encourage mindfulness. By being mindful we give ourselves the opportunity to intentionally think about our actions and surroundings.  . 

We have 7 mindful exercises that each take less than a minuet to do.

1. A simple breath - Simply focus solely on the inhale and exhale of one breathe, feel every sensation and pay attention to what one breath feels like.  Appreciate the simplicity yet uncontainable beauty of the air that we breathe.

2.What does air feel like? - Focus on the feeling of air on your skin. Pay attention to the sensation of gentle breeze on your arms or the back of your neck.  Choose to fully experience the beauty of your surroundings rather than mechanically going through them.  

3.Our senses - Whilst taking the first two bites of a meal or a snack pay attention to the sensory experiences - the taste, the smell, the way it looks, the texture and the sounds so that rather than just evaluating or judging, you are experiencing. 

4.Peaceful break - When you get a short moment in your day, rather than rushing to check your emails - take a mindful moment to give your brain a break. 

5.Top to Toe - Take a moment to scan your body top to toe for any uncomfortable sensations or tension. Attempt to soften the discomfort and let your body relax and feel comfort. 

6.Mindfully done - Pick an action from your daily routine and do it mindfully rather than just going through the motions. 

7.Mindful sleep - Every night before you go to sleep take a minute to list the things that you enjoyed that day; small things that made you smile or made you laugh – let go of the things that pained you and go to sleep being thankful for the blessings of each and every day. 

By doing these small steps you can become a little more mindful of all the splendor that surrounds us. Life is beautiful.

Love…Light…Liberty x 

Give yourself time to think! Why not schedule a phone-free hour into your busy day? Make the most of it by giving whatever you decide to do your uninterrupted attention and love the liberation!

Our bodies and minds are just not designed for the relentless demands of this digital age. Research has suggested that people who leave their e-mails and phones on while trying to focus on other tasks lose the equivalent of 10 IQ points (which is equivalent to not sleeping for 36 hours). However people who plan a one - two hour break during their day, resting, relaxing or focusing on a pleasurable task, become more creative, productive and happier. 

Love…Light…Liberty x



Time out Tuesday! With this glorious weather we’ve been having its important to take time out and make sure we’re keeping our body healthy and hydrated. Today we are bringing you 5 delish treats to keep your body balanced and replenished!

First treat of the day is yogurt, it’s quick and easy to prepare, it’s got protein and calcium and is 85% liquid. Top with honey or fresh fruits for a hydrating snack! Yes please! Mmm.

Treat number two is Chia seeds, they are super good for you! They absorb water when added to smoothies so you are consuming all that extra liquid with a crunch! Go on try something new!

I guess there’s a reason it’s called watermelon! So hydrating and soo delish!

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants which have countless health benefits and such a refreshing yummy snack!

Our last delish snack is cucumber! One of the most hydrating veggies with lots of vitamin C. Simply add slices to your glass of water for extra hydration!

At Living in Light we believe that it’s important to look after your body, take time out during your day to treat yourself! Eat well, feel well, look well! Be fabulous!

Love…Light…Liberty x