Beyond sniff tests and five-second rules.

Today countless children and grown-ups will conduct an internal debate over spilled pretzels and cookies—To eat or not to eat? While klutzes can get away with rolling the dice, our food suppliers can’t be so cavalier. That’s why Mars and IBM Research are teaming up to form a global consortium that will help safeguard the food chain from farm to table. They’re mapping and analyzing ingredients at the genomic level, keeping us all safer from stomach-churning abnormalities—The kinds you can’t detect with the “sniff test.” Give the podcast a listen


iPhone timelapse

우왕 아이폰 타임랩스로 그림그리는거 촬영 처음해보는데 짱 신기!😮😮😮


The Huygens space probe’s descent to Titan’s surface.

Source: Observing Space


Alexander Gerst’s Earth Timelapse