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Turgor Pressure

The tissues of plants, bacteria, fungi, and some protists are kept erect by water pressure within their cells, called turgor pressure

The cell plasma membranes of plants are differentially permeable, so that while water molecules can enter and exit, the larger salt molecules inside cannot escape: since turgor pressure is maintained by osmosis (the diffusion of solute molecules from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration) the solute concentration within the cell affects water pressure to build up in the cell membrane, giving the plant a rigid structure.

National Gardening Association

This is why plants wilt when they have insufficient water: their cellular membranes are essentially deflated, which normally provide support to the cell walls.

Gifs: My Coffee Plants; houseplantjournal's timelapses 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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We love cats and cats love sunshine. Even on a hot day they’ll seek out the sunniest spot they can find. Mitsuru Yasui recorded a delightful time-lapse video of her eight cats making the most of a narrow sunbeam as it moved across the floor throughout the day. As the sun moved, they moved right along with it. These kitties deserve a World’s Best Cat Trophy for sharing so sweetly with each other. Then again, that probably made it even more deliciously warm for them all.

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New York-based artist Holton Rower creates psychedelic paintings by continuously pouring different colors of paint onto plywood structures. These dazzlingly colorful pantings look like trippy portals that almost certainly lead back to phenomenal parties taking place during the 1960s. However we think watching the creation of Rower’s paintings is even more mesmerizing. This awesome time-lapse video shows Rower and his team creating three different paintings. It’s nearly impossible to tear your eyes away from all that flowing paint.

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A mesmerizing hyperlapse through Dubai.


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hey! here’s my second timelapse video of my taylor drawing! taylorswift