Ten years after the Dreadnought PRS-2 was launched, the Dreadnought is back, but with a twist. It now has a GMT complication. Not only that, the new Dreadnought, reference PRS-21, has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. The new Dreadnought has a larger visible dial area, a new thinner case and the GMT complication. All these without compromising the characteristics that made the original Dreadnought popular. It also has new name, the Dreadnought Voyager GMT PRS-21 (via HOROLOGY CRAZY: Its back…)

iPhone 4S in OtterBox Commuter 4S Case Sanrenmu PB8-707A Fenix...

Motor Vehicle Engineering Student in Gloucestershire, UK

This is my EDC. I carry the locking knife only when helping out around the stables or camping, never when I’m at college or in town. I carry the Allen key because I’m a keen cyclist, and it’s also helped out a lot at college. The flashlight, although it’s small, is plenty of light for me on a daily basis and it fits well in my jeans pocket. I also normally have a bunch of keys for my bike locks and toolboxes, but I didn’t include them for security reasons. I am quite a collector of watches also but this was the one I was wearing today, as the NATO strap is so comfy.

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