Brooklyn doodle that I started late last night and finished today.  It was initially started to relieve some stress, but then I decided try out some shading techniques which I want to incorporate into my up-coming commissions—usually I shade after I ink with just colors, but this time I tried to do more with the lineart.  

The outfit design is by yip-yop on DA.  I love the idea of Brooklyn adapting a more Japanese-style wardrobe during his time in Feudal Japan.

The background is meant to be light and flat, though I might do just a little more with it.

Cosplay Minions play Doctor Who by ~Timedancer

An alternative 12 Doctor picture for fans of Despicable Me and Doctor Who.

This is my take on what was revealed at the end of the last episode of Doctor Who, ie: that John Hurt will be playing a ‘Forgotten’ version of the Doctor. Someone who did something so terrible, he was disowned by the rest of the Doctor’s lives.

It is also a lighthearted crossover piece of Fan Art, meant to be viewed as a fun 50th Anniversary tribute, and not a source of great debate. I don’t claim to know anything about what may, or may not happen in the 50th Anniversary Special. Until then, let’s just enjoy the wait.

The G:CM Megamix

As a brief primer on the fic series, here’s the MegaMix of Gargoyles: Clan Manhattan, which should give you an idea of the characters. We’ll post the full fics as we go along, but this is a highlight reel of sorts.

Some of this can be spoiler-ish, so you’ll have to click below to read the whole thing. Also, G:CM works in continuity with The Gargoyles Saga, so the TGS version of Timedancer is in effect as well (Sata, Graeme, and Ariana are Brooklyn’s family).

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