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From what I've seen, it doesn't look like the spoilers give any indication to years, so it seems Levi's age remains a mystery? Isayama indicated that Levi's age is plot relevant, but I find it hard to believe we'll get much more backstory on Levi or Ackerman insight. Thoughts?

Yeah, I mean… There’s a chance it could still be revealed (maybe when Kenny flashes back there will be a time stamp on a panel). It’s hard to say anything for sure until the full chapter is out.

But considering Levi’s age is supposed to be plot relevant, I’m sure something else will come up. Isayama said he was going to show us why Levi is such a clean freak too. So maybe there will be another flashback. Maybe when/if he talks to Mikasa about it? Maybe Levi’s paternal side of the family will be revealed later?

I’m just glad to finally know for sure that Levi didn’t actually know his own name, so that’s no longer a question.


“DO IT YO8 COW8RD!!!!!!!! K8LL M8 K8LL M8 K8LL M8″

Alright, I’ve waited a few weeks to post these due to me trying to get that time stamp off…

But I grew impatient! ::::\

This is my Prospit Vriska cosplay I displayed at Sakura Con 2015! Everything was made by hand (I even mixed the paint myself), and it was the first dress I have ever made! Also a thank you to Jacey who took these lovely pictures!

Hushed breaths
I swallowed your stars, one by one
And they tasted like dirt; like bitter lemon rinds
Like moths clawing down my throat
Hungry for something.

On Monday they’ll ask us to come back
For an ache I’d rather forget
Did they teach you - rinse repeat
Rinse repeat, and never let dry?
Because I’m tired of hanging
Like a dead man from your terrible mouth

I want a form of salvation, you know
I want to wait for the dawn.

—  7:16 PM // 1.13.15

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time stamp: i've got a soul, chapter three, six months later

You should definitely read chapter three of i’ve got soul before you read this! 

He’s only been in the cell for a single day before she shows up. He knew she wasn’t even at the base, so he’s not sure how she got told so quickly, but it’s a relief to see her.

To know she’s alive and that nothing he’s done – nothing he’s had to do – has hurt her.

He stands up as soon as he knows it’s her and walks as close to the barrier as he can, hungry for the sight of her.

She looks good. Healthy. Beautiful. A little sad, but he thinks it’s probably entirely for him, and he can’t exactly do anything about that. Not now. Maybe not ever.

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