Well when you think about it Miles is nodding like an asshole about 40% of the time. Think of what else he has to devote his time to. Making girls sexually uncomfortable. That’s another 40% right there. Rambling in an accent no one understands leaving one with the distinct impression they’re being mocked - 8%. Talking about John Lennon - 5%. Another 5% for inadvertantly causing the Arctic Monkeys to feel territorial about Alex, but yet being so charming they don’t really mind it. And then the last 3% of his time he actually makes music. Which if you add it up is 101%, but…I mean he’s Miles Kane, so. Naturally he has an extra percent of time.
—  Me on how Miles Kane spends his time

REVOLUTION | Charlie + Rachel

You’re the scariest person I know.

lilthessa asked:

4. Who raised your character? Does your character know who their birth parents are (if they weren’t raised by them)?

From around the age of 11 (human years since how the hell does that work?) Chaszmyre was raised by her paternal aunt, a wealthy soldier’s widow with an overbearing drive to turn Chaszmyre into a productive member of high society. She pushed her niece to attend a number of balls and social functions in an attempt to make sure she didn’t turn out like the embarrassing, unpatriotic dirty hippie that her mother was. Chasz didn’t feel like she fit in at these functions and spent more time flirting with the servers and smoking thistle out back of said parties.
Chasz did know her parents and strongly resented being taken away from them to the safety of the city and the “better life” offered under her aunt’s care. It was to her benefit however as her parents were killed by Amani a few years later.