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I'm in the mood for more Bucky/Skye, but this time Skye isn't present and creepy, evil, crazy Ward is confronting Bucky, "I tried to atone. I tried to make things right. And what did it get me? Nothing. What makes you so special? How did you, of all people, win her over?"

(Oh. My. Gosh. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I love it!)

Bucky shook his head and chuckled at the Hydra scumbag holding a knife to his throat. “I’m not special, just a guy from 1940′s Brooklyn. But the thing about me is that I didn’t force Skye to love me.”

As he said this, he kicked Ward off of him and threw him against the brick wall of the alley. “You don’t have a part in her life anymore, and she doesn’t want you to be one since all you bring is her unhappiness. You tried to push her to make her think you were an angel when you were really still a demon. Yes, I have a bloody past like you, but you were in control of your actions the entire time.”

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SHIPS + Aesthetic: Fitzskimmons (for eclectictsunami)


skyeward week
→ day 5: favorite moment of ward being affected by skye
“Specialists don’t spend time with a lot of people. The ones we do, we’re all cut from the same cloth. Trained to get the job done, keep emotions in check.”


ward brothers au: aka that one time grant ward and skye were still on the outs and ward roped his younger brother thomas into helping his older brother out once again. things don’t go as planned, of course. not when your brother is close friends with your almost-maybe-its complicated-gf and is sick of being an owl. 


Skyeward Week: Day 3 (Wednesday 20th of May): Favorite Moment of Physical Contact

I could pick any of the kisses or the comforting touches between them. But really my weakness is for those moments of peril when they’re protecting each other and this my favorite one.

Lose Yourself || Thomas/Tabby/Deklan

Tabitha was nervous.  

Well, excited and nervous.  This was going to be a strange experiment, and she was hopeful that it would be successful.  She needed it.  Needed it to work.  Needed to be stronger.  

By some miracle of timing, Tobias and Skye had decided to take the week off to road-trip to Yellowstone National park, so Tabby had the apartment to herself. 

Deklan had already arrived and was using the bathroom when Tabby heard a knock on her door.  She smoothed her hair and took a deep breath before opening the door.  She was dressed fairly conservatively in pink socks, blue jeans, a three-quarter sleeve purple boatneck tee-shirt.  

“Thomas,” she said brightly, smiling at the man.  “Please come in.”

She stepped back to allow him to enter.  

“Can I get you something to drink?” she asked over her shoulder as she headed into the kitchen.  Her own glass of chocolate milk and Deklan’s half’drank bottle of water were sitting across from one another on the dining room table.


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